• Hi! Do you decide to comeback for longer time period or you just came here for little help? I am hoping that you will stay for longer time, since FV releases many staffs and we do not manage to enter it all... About quests, mystery game and pig-o game:

    Long time ago we decided to switch from single quest entering to entire serie entering at 1 page. Always add new quest on list at Quest page. Also check how we do it before. For creating page for entire serie use Quest preload. With this kind of entering you can enter entire serie in 1 hour or less.

    Also Mystery Game and Pig-O Game pages become just content pages that have links that lead to separate pages.

    Btw I like your way how you added list of quests on serie and I think that it will be good way to sort older quest serie so that we can to add just 1 icon for entire serie in Quest Nav bar. But it will take time...

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    • Good Morning Sir Green¬†:D

      Hope all is well with you

      I thought that I would come back to give a hand, definitely not coming back to play

      I must say I am annoyed with all these new badges that have been added, I would definitely have been higher than Resa by now hehe

      I saw the last quest page with everything on it, I am not a fan of it, I don't think that it looks the best and I don't fully comprehend it ... I definitely think it will save time

      The thing that is most annoying is any data that is entered against the template does not display. I spent a bit of time last night trying to figure it out and I have no idea. If I started again I am sure I would work it out, but too time consuming!

      Take care,


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    • I guessed that you are still angry on zynga and that you are not playing but entering new features from other sites just with copy/paste is also ok. Any help is good. About badges... they are recently added so you will get decent amount of them by time, and really hope the you will have more points then Resa!

      About quests... all other sites have lists of entire serie not separate. This wiki have advantage that we have better search system then they and we connecting quest rewards with separate pages.That way you just delete excess parts, like higher quest numbers. Also list on Quest page help tracking what old quests ain't entered, or maybe even some new. Try it you will see benefits soon!

      Old system of quests were slow and take a lot of time, also connecting previous and next can be annoying! We started this way as faster since many quest is not entered. Check list on Quest page, at bottom blue links need to be created with all quests, and many more missing also!

      What to say... too much job and so little time! :-)

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