• Sorry that hear that you quit, hope that you will come back to wiki, since here is only a few active productive users. If you dont mind, what kind of problem you had with Zynga? I guess that they take you something from farm or so...

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    • Hi Greenny, I don't think that I will come back to editing since retiring from the game. The best knowledge and most accurate information and assistance is obtained and provided I believe by being an active player of the game.

      I have not played for almost 3 weeks now or used Facebook until this weekend. I feel great, sleeping better, better time management as spending more time with friends and family

      As you may or may not be aware, I am an avid cow collector. I moved some cows from my English Farm to my Lighhouse Farm and about 6 items have since disappeared. Zynga claim they can see any transactions made within the game however will not restore items. I am very annoyed and should not have to raise new cows from calves just because of their backwards ways!

      I wish you and all fellow FarmVille Wiki editors all te beat for their futureĀ :) Clintang

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    • I agree about active player and good info. Sorry about cows, I was similar like you, back in days when calf convertor work. With time I saw that I will newer had all calves and since I slowly earned cash that I most definitly will not hawe all cows.

      I have in past something similar with moving level 2 trees- some are missing and they never restored to me. So now I water seeds when I master some old tree in orchard and do not moving them between farms.

      Since I am starting to get sick of all quests and their higher and higher demands I totally understand relaxation that you feel! About cash growing calves- I guess that flea market did not gave you any cash, I heard that it gaves over 40 cash for some level 2 trees and animals. But since I still did not get her in my game I am only talking about rumors.

      Best wishes, UFO-iconGreenny |Talk 15:52, May 5, 2012 (UTC).

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