• First, thank you for your consideration or explanation of any publishing rule on this topic.

    Is there a "hard & fast" rule that the FV wiki should not contain links to FB/onthefarm/gift_send.php , FB/onthefarm/askmats.php ?

    I am constantly reading through the Farmville Wikia articles, and then either going back to my Farmville session, or popping over to ANOTHER wiki or news page for gift/send links.

    I am constantly studying the links at these other sites like to "send a Clamp", just as an example.

    This link is a valid link into the Facebook structure for Farmville, using the standard code that is executed in-game when you select a "Free Gift" to send to others (with the hope that they will understand to send one back to you, for you are subtly expressing what item you really need on your farm).

    There are other links like that use FB/FV standard in-game code to request an item from "Suggested","Farmville", and "Facebook".

    In truth, changing the value after gift= or item= in the above links would allow you to create a catalog of links that would service the readers of Farmville Wikia that I just don't see in the current FV wikia.

    Both of these above links are valid, standard, in-game links that merely take you directly to the screen were you choose neighbors to recieve the message/request.

    I am wondering if there is a hard/fast publishing rule in the Farmville Wikia standards not to publish these "non-cheat" game links in the FarmVille Wikia... and if it exists, I am wondering why that rule exists. Each link could be commented on page with "working on 99/99/9999".

    If the link added to any page stops working because Zynga changed the gift label, I'm sure that someone would report that the link is no longer working, and quickly someone else could correct the link with the new gift/item label, test it, and change the date of validity.

    Thank you for your consideration or explanation of any Farmville Wikia rule on this topic.



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    • Hi Barney,

      There is no rule against it, and in the past we have posted such links

      Thankyou for taking the time to request this information. I hope this has answered your question. Enjoy FarmVille Wiki :)


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    • Hello, Welcome to FarmVille Wiki, Very glad you have chosen to join us with editing the website. It is very daunting at first to learn the wiki, however there are many way to find some of the information to advance in skills, eg. check my user page for the links to the help. I would think that it would be a benefit to have askmat links on pages once they have been tested that they work. It would be great if you become the "Links Guru", now that I would like to see.

      Kind Regards OCFVDcrewsupporter 04:40, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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    • We welcome working links in the architecture. Unfortunately, most of the editors for this wiki have been busy and unable to update the links for the new giftable items. You are welcome to add the information to any relevant pages.

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