The They Of Mystery ribbon was added to FarmVille on December 29th, 2009. Farmers can earn this ribbon by opening Mystery Boxes or playing Mystery Game.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Color Experience Coins
They of Mystery Yellow 50 1,000
They of Mystery White 100 2,500
They of Mystery Red 250 5,000
They of Mystery Blue 500 10,000

Ribbon Details Edit

The ribbon is earned by opening various numbers of mystery boxes purchased at the market for 16 Farm Cash apiece. Mystery gifts sent by friends, mystery eggs obtained from chicken coops, and special mystery eggs obtained from the Spring Event do not count toward this ribbon. Harvest Surprise boxes from the Thanksgiving Event (2010) do count toward this ribbon.

Many users have been critcizing about this ribbon for two main reasons:[1]

  • Mystery Boxes purchased before the ribbon was created do not count towards the ribbon, causing some users to complain that the money they had previously spent on Mystery Boxes had been wasted.
  • To earn this ribbon, a farmer must spend real money (to buy FarmVille cash) because the 30 Mystery Boxes required cost a total of 480 FarmVille Cash. If a user bought all 30 of the the Mystery Boxes for the blue ribbon with real money, it would cost about $80 USD. This places the ribbon well outside the reach of many users. No other ribbon requires that the user pay for Farm Cash.


  • Zynga made it so that some event mystery gifts (like the redeemable Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes) now count towards getting the ribbons.
  • The American Express Mystery Box released on May 10, 2011 also contributed towards the ribbon.

Mystery Egg Glitch Edit

Briefly (April 30-May 1, 2010) a glitch in the system caused Mystery Eggs to count toward this ribbon. However, this glitch has since been fixed, and now only Mystery Boxes, Winter Whimsy, Harvest Surprise, and the Capital One Gift count toward the ribbon.

References Edit

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