The Village is a feature in the English Countryside.

It shows the progress of player in different English Countryside quests and a place where they can lend neighbors a hand and ask for help. The different quests were like an extra for players: FarmVille Cash, Coins, Experience, cool animals and objects were won by the players who visited it.

The village contains of several buildings which are activated by the quests or can be bought from the Market beforehand. The buildings are:

The English people Edit

Several people live in the village. They serve as patrons over the quests:

The Duke Agatha Angus, the Shepherd Olivia, the Pubkeeper Lily, the Milk Maid Prof. Milton, the Archaeologist Henry, the Duke's son
The Duke-icon Agatha-icon Angus-icon Pubkeeper-icon Milk Maid-icon Prof Milton Henry-icon

The Village and the Quests Edit

After completing all the quests, it is possible to trade items between the home farm and the English Countryside.

The Village Stage 1 Stage 1, the Sheep Pen Quest
  1. Make It Your Own
  2. Getting Started
  3. Et tu, Brutus?
  4. Please Fence Me In
  5. I'll Get Ewe
  6. On the Lamb
The Village Stage 2 Stage 2, the Pub Quest
  1. Trees of Green
  2. Out on a Limb
  3. Just Ducky
  4. Listen Up
  5. Rodents of Ruin
  6. Stock the Bar
  7. Lagerheads
  8. A Berry Good Drink
The Village Stage 3 Stage 3, the Dairy Farm Quest
  1. How Dairy You
  2. Say Cheese
  3. Showing Off
  4. Save Dr Fluffy
The Village Stage 4 Stage 4, the Historical Society Quest
  1. Dig It
  2. Book 'Em
  3. Past Pursuits
  4. Ancient Methods
  5. Drinking in History
The Village Stage 5 Stage 5, the Village Faire Quest
  1. A Delightful Bouquet
  2. Let Us Entertain Ewe
  3. On the House
  4. A Faire to Remember
The Village Stage 6 Stage 6, the Barn Quest
  1. Back to Basics
  2. Building Blocks
  3. A Growing Concern
  4. Being Neighbourly
The Village Stage 7 Stage 7, the Village Square Quest
  1. Blooming Great
  2. A Test of Wool
  3. The Key to the Castle
  4. Country Bunnies
The Village Stage 8 Stage 8, the Duke's Castle Quest
  1. Cream of the Crop
  2. Perfect Preparations
  3. Parting Gifts
  4. Once Around the Farm
  5. A Great Start

Players who finish the quests receive new English items, like the English Bench, the Sheep Pen or Sheep Statue. Cash can be won at some stages, but Coins and Experience is on all the quests.

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