The Hottest Chili In Town
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Job Information
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First date available: April 2, 2010
Last date available: May 31, 2013
Type of Job reward
Join Level Player Level: 34
Description Grow Ghost Chili, Onions, and Tomatoes to make Chili!
Seed and
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Gold Medal-icon 23 hours 2 minutes
Coin-icon 486 coins
XP-icon 572 experience
Silver Medal-icon 1 day 11 hours
Coin-icon 426 coins
XP-icon 502 experience
Bronze Medal-icon 2 days 10 hours
Coin-icon 355 coins
XP-icon 418 experience
Special Reward no special reward

The Hottest Chili In Town is a co-op job which was released on July 2nd 2010. To achieve medals, a co-op must harvest 600 Tomatoes, 300 Onion, and 800 Ghost Chili. The reward is a Joshua Tree.

The story reads as follows:

My buddies and I have a friendly rivalry to see which of us can make the hottest chili. I can always win, but this year I can't find any of my secret ingredient - Ghost Chilis! Can you help?

As before in the Tea Party Co-op, a farmer with a level high enough for the highest crop, in this case the onions at level 34, must start the Co-op. Then anyone high enough for Ghost Chili at level 26, or tomatoes at level 20, may join.

The reward for this job, the Joshua Tree, is decorative only and cannot be harvested. It sells for 625 coins.

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