The Thanksgiving Event (2010) was the second Thanksgiving Event to be held in FarmVille. It occurred between November 12th and December 17th, 2010, to celebrate Thanksgiving. During the event, a number of brand new Thanksgiving items were released, in addition to 1 item being re-released from the past Autumn Event (2009) .

Besides the released items, the Thanksgiving Feast Table was released as part of this event. The objective is to collect as many Dishes as possible, which can be traded in for exclusive Thanksgiving items.

Items Edit

Name Cost Type
Autumn Cow-icon Autumn Cow Cash-icon 22 cash Animal
Autumn Fall-icon Autumn Fall Cash-icon 30 cash Decoration
Autumn Gourds-icon Autumn Gourds Cash-icon 2 cash Decoration
Black Pumpkin-icon Black Pumpkin Coin-icon 1,500 coins Decoration
Black Turkey-icon Black Turkey Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Chicken Turkey (turkey)-icon Chicken Turkey Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Cornucopia Home-icon Cornucopia Home Cash-icon 15 cash Building
Cow Balloon-icon Cow Balloon Cash-icon 5 cash Decoration
Duck Balloon-icon Duck Balloon Cash-icon 5 cash Decoration
Fall Home-icon Fall Home Cash-icon 15 cash Building
Fall Nursery-icon Fall Nursery Cash-icon 15 cash Building
Flamingo Grass-icon Flamingo Grass Coin-icon 2,000 coins Decoration
Gourds-icon Gourds Cash-icon 1 cash Decoration
Harvest Cart-icon Harvest Cart Coin-icon 50,000 coins Decoration
Harvest Horse-icon Harvest Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Harvest Store-icon Harvest Store Coin-icon 300,000 coins Building
Harvest Table-icon Harvest Table Cash-icon 20 cash Decoration
Horse Balloon-icon Horse Balloon Cash-icon 5 cash Decoration
Orange Pumpkin-icon Orange Pumpkin Coin-icon 1,500 coins Decoration
Paint Horse-icon Paint Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Pilgrim Cabin-icon Pilgrim Cabin Coin-icon 300,000 coins Building
Pilgrim Carriage-icon Pilgrim Carriage Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Pilgrim Girl Gnome-icon Pilgrim Girl Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Pocahontas Gnome-icon Pocahontas Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Pumpkin Planter-icon Pumpkin Planter Coin-icon 8,000 coins Decoration
Silkie Chicken-icon Silkie Chicken Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Silver Turkey-icon Silver Turkey Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Squash Home-icon Squash Home Coin-icon 200,000 coins Building
Squirrel Pumpkin-icon Squirrel Pumpkin Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Turkey Balloon-icon Turkey Balloon Coin-icon 50,000 coins Decoration
Turkey Roost-icon Turkey Roost Coin-icon 5,000 coins Building
White Pumpkin-icon White Pumpkin Coin-icon 100 coins Seed
White Pumpkin (decoration)-icon White Pumpkin Coin-icon 1,500 coins Decoration
Wreath Fence (Thanksgiving)-icon Wreath Fence Coin-icon 5,000 coins Decoration

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