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First date available: unknown
Last date available: present
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 1
Cost: Coin-icon 5,000 coins Cash-icon 65 cash
World Location: all
Tile: land
Size: 1x1 (an area of 1 squares)

The Terrier is a pet on FarmVille. It is available in the market for Coin-icon 5,000 coins for users with 15 or more neighbors or it may be bought for 65 FarmVille Cash. The Honey Terrier and the Border Collie are currently the only pets available for coins. The Cream Terrier and the Black Terrier can only be bought for cash. Like the Border collie, the Honey Terrier comes with a one-day supply of Puppy Kibble and must be fed once a day for 14 days in a row or it will run away and to get it back you must rescue it from the pound by paying 2 cash. After 14 days of feeding, the Terrier puppy will grow up and will not run away, as adult dogs no longer need to be fed. Terriers bought for 65 cash come with a full two weeks worth of kibble and will not run away if not fed every day.

As of the June 10, 2010, Terriers are now able to harvest ducks and rabbits.

Terrier was also made available through the American Express Reward Points Program. It can be redeemed for 1,300 MR points1.

1.Membership Rewards points

You can buy only 1 with coins per farm. That mean that you can have 1 on each farm for coins! Second terrier on farm cost 65 cash.

Colors Edit

Color Adult
Honey Terrier-icon
Black Black Terrier-icon

Cream Terrier-icon

Tricks Edit

Tricks Dog Treats
(level 1) Roll Over
Dog Treat-icon

x1 (x1 total from level 0)
(level 2) Play Dead
Dog Treat-icon

x3 (x4 total from level 0)
(level 3) Shake
Dog Treat-icon

x3 (x7 total from level 0)
(level 4) Harvest Rabbits/Ducks
Dog Treat-icon

x7 (x14 total from level 0)

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