Warn Hello from FarmVille Wiki. Your recent edits seemed to be unproductive and have been reverted. Please remember to check your sources before adding information into any article, and making sure that your edits are appropriate. If you believe that you were trying to help the FarmVille Wiki, and that this warning was undeserved, then please contact us as soon as possible. Thanks.

This template can be used to warn users and IPs. User {{Warn|<type, see list below>|<page that offense occurred on>}}~~~~

  • spam creates a warning for spamming pages.
  • vnd or vandal creates a warning for vandalising pages.
  • addimage creates a warning for adding un-needed images to an article.
  • nosource creates a warning for adding unconfirmed info into an article.
  • remove creates a warning for removing content from an article.
  • te creates a warning for test edits.
  • attack creates a warning for attacking other users.
  • advert created a warning for advertising.

There will be more coming... Ajraddatz Talk Contribs 21:19, October 29, 2009 (UTC)

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