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{{pointstypeamount }}

This template uses unnamed parameters, so the order of the parameters is important.  Make sure you enter the experience type as the first parameter, and the amount as the second parameter.

Type is required.  Use any of the following for the experience type from the following table:

Experience type Option A Option B Option C Option D
Alpine points Alpine Point-icon alpine jingle wintertide
Apothecary points Apothecary Point-icon apothecary apo
Ardour points Ardour Point-icon ardour
Aussie points Aussie Point-icon aussie australia aup
Avalon points Avalon Point-icon avalon wilderlands
Candy points Candy Point-icon candy sweet acres cap
Cave points Cave Point-icon cave caveman
Cheer points Cheer Point-icon cheer mistletoe cp
Dairy points Dairy Point-icon dairy dp
Experience points XP-icon home player xp
Fairy points Fairy Point-icon fairy enchanted fp
Galaxy points Galaxy Point-icon galaxy space gp
Groovy points Groovy Point-icon groovy
Harvest points Harvest Point-icon harvest
Hollow points Hollow Point-icon hollow horsemans
Kingdom points Kingdom Point-icon avalon2 kingdom
Light points Light Point-icon light lights lp
Limbo points Limbo Point-icon carnaval limbo muertos
Magical points Magical Point-icon magical toy
Mystical points Mystical Point-icon mystical mp
Oasis points Oasis Point-icon oasis op
Olympus points Olympus Point-icon olympus
Phantom points Phantom Point-icon phantom fantom transylvania
Rainforest points Rainforest Point-icon rainforest el dorado eld rp
Rainbow points Rainbow Point-icon rainbow oz rbp
Ranch points Ranch Point-icon ranch west western
Riviera points Riviera Point-icon mediterranean riviera
Sakura points Sakura Point-icon japan sakura sos
Savannah points Savannah Point-icon africa safari savannah
Seafarer points Seafarer Point-icon pirate seafarer treasure
Shell points Shell Point-icon shell atlantis ap
Spook points Spook Point-icon spook haunted sp
Storybook points Storybook Point-icon fairytale storybook ftp sbp
Sweet points Sweet Point-icon sweet swp
Village points Village Point-icon farmers square village fsp vp
Xmas points Xmas Point-icon xmas
Yarn points Yarn Point-icon yarn yp
Zen points Zen Point-icon jade zen jp zp
Experience type Option A Option B Option C Option D


{{pointsXP }} displays as XP-icon

{{pointsXP57 }} displays as XP-icon 57 experience

{{pointsCP }} displays as Cheer Point-icon

{{pointsCP140 }} displays as Cheer Point-icon 140 cheer points

{{pointscheer140 }} displays as Cheer Point-icon 1,400 cheer points

{{pointscheer1,400 }} displays as Cheer Point-icon 1,400 cheer points

{{pointssweet1400 }} displays as Sweet Point-icon 1,400 sweet points

{{pointsvillage2500 }} displays as Spook Point-icon 2,500 village points

{{pointsyarn140 }} displays as Yarn Point-icon 140 yarn points

{{pointsdairy1400 }} displays as Dairy Point-icon 1,400 dairy points

{{points?points?1400 }} displays as NoImage 1,400 temporary points

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