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{{LevelTypeAmountni or nt }}

(Required) - The level type (See table below for parameter options)
(Optional) - The level number (defaults to the generic Level page show in the TYPE column - See table below)
ni or nt
  • ni (No Image) - If you do not want the level type image to be shown
  • nt (No Text) - If you do not want the level text to be shown


Use the options from columns (A, B, C or D) for the experience type
Type Option A Option B Option C Option D
Alpine Level Alpine Point-icon alpine jingle wintertide
Apothecary Level Apothecary Point-icon apothecary apo
Ardour Level Ardour Point-icon ardour
Aussie Level Aussie Point-icon aussie australia aup
Avalon Level Avalon Point-icon avalon wilderlands
Candy Level Candy Point-icon candy sweet acres cap
Cave Level Cave Point-icon cave caveman
Cheer Level Cheer Point-icon cheer mistletoe cp
Dairy Level Dairy Point-icon dairy dp
Experience Level XP-icon home player xp
Fairy Level Fairy Point-icon fairy enchanted fp
Galaxy Level Galaxy Point-icon galaxy space gp
Groovy Level Groovy Point-icon groovy
Hollow Level Hollow Point-icon hollow horsemans
Kingdom Level Kingdom Point-icon avalon2 kingdom
Light Level Light Point-icon light lights lp
Limbo Level Limbo Point-icon carnaval limbo muertos
Magical Level Magical Point-icon magical toy
Mystical Level Mystical Point-icon mystical mp
Oasis Level Oasis Point-icon oasis op
Olympus Level Olympus Point-icon olympus
Phantom Level Phantom Point-icon fantom phantom transylvania
Rainforest Level Rainforest Point-icon rainforest el dorado eld rp
Rainbow Level Rainbow Point-icon rainbow oz rbp
Ranch Level Ranch Point-icon ranch west western
Riviera Level Riviera Point-icon mediterranean riviera
Sakura Level Sakura Point-icon japan sakura sos
Savannah Level Savannah Point-icon africa safari savannah
Seafarer Level Seafarer Point-icon pirate seafarer treasure
Shell Level Shell Point-icon shell atlantis ap
Spook Level Spook Point-icon spook haunted sp
Storybook Level Storybook Point-icon fairytale storybook ftp sbp
Sweet Level Sweet Point-icon sweet swp
Village Level Village Point-icon farmers square village fsp vp
Xmas Level Xmas Point-icon xmas
Yarn Level Yarn Point-icon yarn yp
Zen Level Zen Point-icon jade zen jp zp
For Option A Option B Option C Option D


{{levelplayer }} or {{levelxp }} displays as Level XP-icon

{{levelXP57 }} displays as Level 57 XP-icon

{{levelXP57ni }} displays as Level 57

{{levelxp57nt }} displays as XP-icon

{{levelCP }} or {{levelCheer }} displays as Cheer Level Cheer Point-icon

{{levelcheer60 }} displays as Cheer Level 60 CLevel 60

{{levelcheer60ni }} displays as Cheer Level 60

{{levelcheer60nt }} displays as CLevel 60

{{levelshp }} or {{levelshell }} displays as Shell Level Shell Point-icon

{{levelshell65 }} displays as Shell Level 65 SHLevel 65

{{levelshell65ni }} displays as Shell Level 65

{{levelshell65nt }} displays as SHLevel 65

{{levelshp101 }} displays as Shell Level 101 Shell Point-icon

{{levelsp }} or {{levelspook }} displays as Spook Level Spook Point-icon

{{levelspook70 }} displays as Spook Level 70 SLevel 70

{{levelspook70ni }} displays as Spook Level 70

{{levelspook70nt }} displays as SLevel 70

{{levelsweet1400 }} displays as Sweet Level 1,400 Sweet Point-icon

{{levelvillage2500 }} displays as Village Level 2,500 Village Point-icon

{{levelyarn1,000,000 }} displays as Yarn Level 1,000,000 Yarn Point-icon

{{leveldairy1000000 }} displays as Dairy Level 1,000,000 Dairy Point-icon

{{level¿level?1000000 }} or {{level&?level?1000000 }} displays as Temporary Level 1,000,000 NoImage

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