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|below =
|below =
<!-- begin error messages and deprecated parameters -->
{{#if:{{{cost_curr_type3|}}}{{{harvest_curr_type3|}}}{{{level_req_type3|}}}{{{sell_curr_type3|}}}{{{xp_gain_type3|}}}|{{EditNeeded|The base template {{t|infobox-animal}} needs additional parameters added}}|}}
{{#if:{{{breeds|}}}{{{Breeds|}}}|Please add categories instead of adding similar items lists to individual articles.}}
{{#if:{{{aLevel|}}}{{{AP Gained|}}}{{{auLevel|}}}{{{AUP Gained|}}}{{{Bonus|}}}{{{Bonus Item|}}}{{{bonusAP|}}}{{{bonuscash|}}}{{{bonuscoconut|}}}{{{bonuscoconut|}}}{{{bonuscoin|}}}{{{bonusCP|}}}{{{bonusFP|}}}{{{bonusjade|}}}{{{bonusSP|}}}{{{bonusXP|}}}{{{bonusZP|}}}{{{Breeds|}}}{{{breeds|}}}{{{Bushel1|}}}{{{Bushel2|}}}{{{Bushel3|}}}{{{Bushel4|}}}{{{Bushel1Amount|}}}{{{bushel1amount|}}}{{{Bushel2Amount|}}}{{{bushel2amount|}}}{{{Bushel3Amount|}}}{{{bushel3amount|}}}{{{Bushel4Amount|}}}{{{bushel4amount|}}}{{{Caption|}}}{{{Caption2|}}}{{{Cash|}}}{{{cash|}}}{{{Chance|}}}{{{Classified as|}}}{{{classified as|}}}{{{cLevel|}}}{{{Coconut harvest|}}}{{{Coconuts|}}}{{{Coin harvest|}}}{{{Coin Harvest|}}}{{{Coins|}}}{{{Colors|}}}{{{Cost|}}}{{{costcash|}}}{{{costcoconut|}}}{{{costcoin|}}}{{{costjade|}}}{{{costother|}}}{{{costzcoin|}}}{{{cost1_curr_amt|}}}{{{cost1 curr amt|}}}{{{cost1_curr_type|}}}{{{cost1 curr type|}}}{{{cost2_curr_amt|}}}{{{cost2 curr type|}}}{{{cost2_curr_type|}}}{{{cost2 curr amt|}}}{{{cost3_curr_amt|}}}{{{cost3 curr amt|}}}{{{cost3_curr_type|}}}{{{cost3 curr type|}}}{{{CP Gained|}}}{{{dateend|}}}{{{datestart|}}}{{{Description|}}}{{{End|}}}{{{end|}}}{{{first-available|}}}{{{fLevel|}}}{{{FP Gained|}}}{{{Fuel|}}}{{{Gain|}}}{{{Gender|}}}{{{Goods|}}}{{{goods|}}}{{{Growing Time|}}}{{{growing time|}}}{{{Harvest|}}}{{{Harvestcash|}}}{{{harvestcash|}}}{{{Harvestcoconut|}}}{{{harvestcoconut|}}}{{{Harvestcoconuts|}}}{{{Harvestcoin|}}}{{{harvestcoin|}}}{{{Harvestcoins|}}}{{{harvestcoins|}}}{{{harvestjade|}}}{{{harvestother|}}}{{{harvest1_curr_amt|}}}{{{harvest13_curr_amt|}}}{{{harvest2_curr_amt|}}}{{{harvest3_curr_amt|}}}{{{harvest1_curr_type|}}}{{{harvest2_curr_type|}}}{{{harvest3_curr_type|}}}{{{Harvest time|}}}{{{Husbandry|}}}{{{husbandry|}}}{{{Image|}}}{{{image|}}}{{{Jade|}}}{{{jLevel|}}}{{{JP Gained|}}}{{{Last Goal|}}}{{{last goal|}}}{{{last_goal|}}}{{{last-available|}}}{{{Level|}}}{{{level_req_type|}}}{{{level_req_amt|}}}{{{Mastery Sign|}}}{{{Material|}}}{{{Next Goal|}}}{{{next goal|}}}{{{Offspring|}}}{{{other-dates|}}}{{{Other_gained|}}}{{{otherLevel|}}}{{{Parent|}}}{{{Parents|}}}{{{parents|}}}{{{Previous Goal|}}}{{{previous goal|}}}{{{PrevMastery|}}}{{{Quantity|}}}{{{Rarity|}}}{{{Resource|}}}{{{rewardAP|}}}{{{rewardAUP|}}}{{{rewardcash|}}}{{{rewardcoconut|}}}{{{rewardcoin|}}}{{{rewardCP|}}}{{{rewardFP|}}}{{{rewardGP|}}}{{{rewardjade|}}}{{{rewardSP|}}}{{{rewardXP|}}}{{{rewardZP|}}}{{{Seed|}}}{{{SeedAmount|}}}{{{Seed2|}}}{{{SeedAmount2|}}}{{{Seed3|}}}{{{SeedAmount3|}}}{{{Seed4|}}}{{{SeedAmount4|}}}{{{Sell|}}}{{{sellcash|}}}{{{sellcoconut|}}}{{{Sellcoin|}}}{{{sellcoin|}}}{{{Sellcoins|}}}{{{selljade|}}}{{{sellother|}}}{{{sell1_curr_amt|}}}{{{sell2_curr_amt|}}}{{{sell3_curr_amt|}}}{{{sell1_curr_type|}}}{{{sell2_curr_type|}}}{{{sell3_curr_type|}}}{{{Size|}}}{{{sLevel|}}}{{{SHP Gained|}}}{{{SP Gained|}}}{{{Source|}}}{{{Start|}}}{{{start|}}}{{{Stars|}}}{{{Storage|}}}{{{This Goal|}}}{{{this goal|}}}{{{Tile|}}}{{{Time|}}}{{{Transformedfrom|}}}{{{Transformed from|}}}{{{Transformsinto|}}}{{{Transforms into|}}}{{{Type|}}}{{{World|}}}{{{world|}}}{{{XP Gained|}}}{{{XP Reward|}}}{{{xp_plant_type1|}}}{{{xp_plant_amt1|}}}{{{xp1_gain_amount|}}}{{{xp1_gain_amt|}}}{{{xp2_gain_amt|}}}{{{xp3_gain_amt|}}}{{{xp1_gain_type|}}}{{{xp2_gain_type|}}}{{{xp3_gain_type|}}}{{{zLevel|}}}{{{ZP Gained|}}}|<span style="color: red; background: yellow;"><strong><nowiki>Warning!</nowiki> The infobox template is using obsolete parameters! This may cause this or other pages to display inappropriately (or not at all). See the template page {{t|infobox-animal}} for more information.</strong></span>[[Category:out of date infobox]]}}
<!-- end error messages and deprecated parameters -->
<includeonly>[[Category:Event {{#if: {{{last_available|}}}|{{#ifeq: {{#ifexpr: {{{last_available}}} | true|true}} | true | {{#ifexpr: {{{last_available}}} < {{CURRENTYEAR}}{{CURRENTMONTH}}{{CURRENTDAY2}} | no longer available|}} |}}|}}]]
<includeonly>[[Category:Event {{#if: {{{last_available|}}}|{{#ifeq: {{#ifexpr: {{{last_available}}} | true|true}} | true | {{#ifexpr: {{{last_available}}} < {{CURRENTYEAR}}{{CURRENTMONTH}}{{CURRENTDAY2}} | no longer available|}} |}}|}}]]

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—Image © Zynga
Start Date: unknown
End Date: available
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-umbrella for template instructions
Items released during this event
Animals 0
Buildings 0
Decorations 0
Seeds 0
Trees 0
Avatar Clothing 0
Other 0
Total 0

Use the following code:

<!-- WARNING. Do NOT use the image attribute on this template. It will BREAK things on the wiki. See template for instructions. -->
| first_available =
| last_available  =
| level_req_type1 =
| level_req_amt1  =
| level_req_type2 =
| level_req_amt2  =
| last_event      = 
| this_event      = 
| next_event      = 
| animals         =
| buildings       =
| clothing        =
| decorations     =
| seeds           =
| trees           =
| other           =
| description     =


specific to this template

Shared Instructions and Additional Parameters

[edit shared instructions] [purge]

Parameters can be entered in any order, however they will always be displayed in the same order as the original template.

Do not use comments in parameters or they may not work as expected.

images, captions, and titles

Do not use the "|image" attribute unless you want the DPL table to break. Instead of using "|image", you should mark the image as needing to be moved or replaced.

Use the "|title" attribute only if the title above the infobox needs to be renamed, such as when the pagename uses disambig text, e.g. Ghost Sheep (animal) or Ghost Sheep (decoration).

Use the "|caption" attribute only for items that have multiple looks, such as blooms (single & full) or animals which change based on location (e.g. - the Sad Cow/Cupid Cow and the Tree of Love.

Use the "|image2" attribute only for animals that have a 2nd image (2 or 3 image - image changer).

Use the "|caption2" attribute only for the 2nd image.

Use the "|image3" attribute only for animals that have a 3rd image (3 image - image changer).

Use the "|caption3" attribute only for the 3rd image.


| first_available    =
Uses the format YYYYMMDD
| last_available     =
Uses the format YYYYMMDD. Defaults to "currently available".

For example: | last_available = 20130101

| other_dates     =
Uses {{date|YYYYMMDD}}<br />{{date|YYYYMMDD}}<br />(etc)

Level requirement(s)

| level_req_type1      =
| level_req_amt1       =
| level_req_type2    =
| level_req_amt2     =
| level_req_type3    =
| level_req_amt3     =

level types

     | level_req_type1 =
     | level_req_type2 =
     | level_req_type3 =
For each level type, type the word from either column A or column B as the parameter
For Column A option Column B option
Apothecary level: apothecary
Australia level: aussie australia
Avalon Wilderlands level: avalon wilderlands
Avalon Kingdom level: avalon2 kingdom
Candy level: candy sweet
Cheer level: cheer mistletoe
Rainforest level: eldorado rainforest
Fairy level: fairy enchanted
Galaxy level: galaxy space
Home (player) level: home player
Horseman level horsemans
Mystical level: mystical mystic
Light (Holiday Lights) level: light
Magical level: toy magical
Mystical level: mystic mystical
Oasis level: oasis
Rainbow level: oz rainbow
RewardVille (Zynga) level: rewardville zynga
Riviera level: riviera mediterranean
Shell level: shell atlantis
Spook level: spook haunted
Fairytale level: fairytale storybook
Village level: square village
Yarn Barn level: yarn
Zen level: jade zen
Other level: other

level amounts

     | level_req_amt1  =
     | level_req_amt2  =
     | level_req_amt3  =
Use numbers without commas such as 1 or 10 or 100 or 1000 or 10000

non-level prerequisites

| prereq        = 
Any other special requirement prerequisite to access the item or activity


| source =
Where the item comes from. For example: market, quest, gift, mystery baby, etc.

How to fill in Cost parameters

| cost_curr_type1     =
| cost_curr_amt1      =
| cost_curr_type2     =
| cost_curr_amt2      =
| cost_curr_type3     =
| cost_curr_amt3      =

Cost to purchase the item. Up to 3 currency types may be used. For the type, use the word describing the currency type. Currently supported currencies are:

square or village -- to get farmers square gold

Purchase benefits

points gained

| xp_gain_type1   =
| xp_gain_amount1 =
Type and amount of experience gained. Use the lowercase singular word for the experience type.
For each level type, type the word from either column A or column B as the parameter
For Column A option Column B option
Australia points: aussie australia
Avalon points: avalon
Candy points: candy sweet
Cheer points: cheer mistletoe
El Dorado eldorado rainforest
Fairy points: fairy enchanted
Galaxy points: galaxy space
Mystical points: mystical mystic
Player points: home player
Shell points: shell atlantis
Spook points: spook haunted
Village points: square village
Zen points: jade zen
Other points: other

location and placement

| farm =
Farm(s) where item can be used or activity occurs All if not farm specific (Majority will be this)
| tile =
Tile type on which the item may be placed or planted. For example:
Land, Water, Terrace, Underwater, Stationary (buildings only) or Other.


| sizeX =
| sizeY =

Length and width of an item in squares. You will only use numbers here, no words, no comments, just the plain numbers of the squares along the x and y axis For example:
| sizeX = 2
| sizeY = 2

Growth and Harvesting

| grow_time           =

Enter the time to grow in real-time hours. Use numbers only. Do not use words like hours.

0.02    = 1 minute
0.04    = 2 minute
0.05    = 3 minute
0.07    = 4 minute
0.09    = 5 minute
0.1     = 6 minute
0.17    = 10 minutes
0.2     = 12 minutes
0.25    = 15 minutes
0.3     = 20 minutes
0.5     = 30 minutes
0.75    = 45 minutes
0.75    = 1 hour
23      = 1 day
34.5    = 1.5 days
46      = 2 days
69      = 3 days
92      = 4 days


| harvest_curr_type1  =
| harvest_curr_amt1   =
| harvest_curr_type2  =
| harvest_curr_amt2   =
| harvest_curr_type3  =
| harvest_curr_amt3   =
Required for animals, blooms, seeds and trees. Optional for buildings and decorations
Amount item can be harvested for. Up to 3 currency types may be used. For the type, use the word describing the currency type. Currently supported currencies are:
| harvestcash     = <!-- Farm cash gained when harvested -->
| harvestcoconut  = <!-- Coconuts gained when harvested -->
| harvestcoin     = <!-- Farm coins gained when harvested -->
| harvestjade     = <!-- Jade gained when harvested -->
| harvestother    =
Obsolete. Still used to calculate profit on seed templates

| product =

Product other than coin that can be gained when this item is harvested. (Including items collected from animals when they are stored inside a building).


| sell_curr_type1     =
| sell_curr_amt1      =
| sell_curr_type2     =
| sell_curr_amt2      =
| sell_curr_type3     =
| sell_curr_amt3      =

Amount the item can be sold for. Up to 3 currency types may be used. For the type, use the word describing the currency type. Currently supported currencies are:

square or village -- to get farmers square gold


| capacity            =
Number of items that can be stored within the item.
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