Tea Party (Co-op)
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Job Information
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First date available: April 2, 2010
Last date available: May 31, 2013
Type of Job reward
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Description Grow Green Tea and Sugar Cane for a Tea Party
Seed and
[[File:{{{seed1}}}-icon.png|40px|link={{{seed1}}}]] x {{{seedamount1}}}
Gold Medal-icon 19 hours
455 coins
535 XP
Silver Medal-icon 1 day, 4 hours
400 coins
465 XP
Bronze Medal-icon 2 days
335 coins
390 XP
Special Reward no special reward

This Co-op job was released on June 10th, 2010. This job is the first in which the level to do this job, is different than the creation of the job's level.

To master it, the co-op must plant and harvest 1000 Green Tea crops and 250 Sugar Cane crops. As Sugar Cane is only available for farmers of level 31 and higher, only farmers of level 31 and higher may start the job. However, when all Sugar Cane has been seeded, farmers of level 28 may join the job, as Green Tea is available from that level upwards.

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