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The Stouffer's Promotion Event is an event that began on March 9, 2011 with a pre-promotional loading screen. The farm was available on March 10th, 2011 for 24 hours only.

The event was only avaible for the United States.

Stouffer's Farm Edit

On March 10th, 2011, Zynga replaced the Model Farm with the Stouffer's Farm. Farmers could visit the farm and are offer to help with the farm. If the farmer helps with the farm, they receive a Mac&Cheese Tree and a Stouffer's Grow in their Gift Box. They are also giving a chance to share with their neighbors.
Stouffer's Farm

Rewards Edit

Mac&Cheese Tree-icon
Mac&Cheese Tree
Stouffer's Grow-icon
Stouffer's Grow

Items Edit

Mac&Cheese Tree-icon
Mac&Cheese Tree
Coin-icon 1,500 coins
Giant Mac&Cheese-icon
Giant Mac&Cheese
Cash-icon 5 cash

Loading Screens Edit

Stouffer's Pre-promotion Loading ScreenStouffer's Promotion Loading Screen

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