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The Storage Cellar was released on August 19th, 2010 for the price of 10,000 coins 10,000 coins. On August 25th, 2010, the cost was changed to 1 coin 1 coin.

How it works[]

It can store items via the storage system, the same way as barns and sheds do, but unlike these (which require a Barn Raising to increase the number of items they can store), the Storage Cellar's capacity is increased by collecting shovels, and when fully expanded it can hold up to 1,500 items.

The storage cellar cannot be removed from your farm.

Since total capacity of the Storage Cellar when fully expanded is much higher than barns and sheds, they are no longer useful for storage purposes - only decorative.

2011 June 27[]

On June 27, 2011, the capacity of the Storage Cellar was increased to 1,000. This applied for every Storage Cellar, so you could hold 4,000 items in total inside (1,000 Home farm + 1,000 English farm + 1,000 Lighthouse Cove farm + 1,000 Winter Wonderland farm). On every farm you could store 1,000 items and if you finished all English Countryside quests you can transfer items between these 2 farms.

2012 February 2[]

On February 2, 2012 the capacity of the Storage Cellar was increased to 1,250. This applied for every Storage Cellar, so you could hold 5,000 items in total inside (1,250 Home farm + 1,250 English Countryside + 1,250 Lighthouse Cove + 1,250 Winter Wonderland).

New Storage Cellar Interface[]

The new Storage Cellar Interface consists in a new design and has a new search mode.

Storage Cellar Version 2.png

Player could now access the Storage Cellars of the two farms anytime, but can not move items from the English storage to the Home storage yet.

2011 May 28[]

On May 28, 2011, FarmVille made possible the movement of animals and trees via the Storage system.

Other Versions[]

How to Expand[]

2 Shovels can be sent as a gift or 10 Shovels can bought in the market for 5 cash 5 cash. Every 2 shovels counts as 2 points and expands storage by 2. Storage capacity does not decrease when points are spent.


Hole in the
Narrow Crawl
Secure Storm
Large Country
Huge Steel
Underground Storage 0-icon.png
Underground Storage 1-icon.png
Underground Storage 1-icon.png
Storage Cellar-icon.png
Storage Cellar-icon.png
0–199 Shovels 200–399 Shovels 400–599 Shovels 600–799 Shovels 800–999 Shovels +1,000 Shovels

Redeemable Items[]

Shovels also count as points that can be redeemed for rewards, making the Storage Cellar similar to past event-purpose buildings such as the Wedding Tent and Spring Basket.

Shovel points can be redeemed for various rewards. The "Number of Points to Spend" is what is redeemed and has no impact on your storage capacity. When a farmer redeems an item, they will be given the option of sharing a second of same item via the News Feed.

Mole (decoration)-icon.png
Mole (decoration)
Crystal Rock-icon.png
Crystal Rock
Miner Sheep-icon.png
Miner Sheep
Cave Gnome-icon.png
Cave Gnome
Antique Tractor-icon.png
Antique Tractor
20 Shovels 40 Shovels 60 Shovels 120 Shovels 200 Shovels


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