St. Patrick's Day was a re-released event that occured in FarmVille. It began on February 17, 2011 and ended on April 10th, 2011. During this time, new St-Patrick's Day-themed items were released.

Items Edit

Item Source Type
Clover Flower Bed-icon

Clover Flower Bed

Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Giant Lucky Cookies-icon

Giant Lucky Cookies

Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Giant Rainbow Tree-icon

Giant Rainbow Tree

Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Green Broadbill-icon

Green Broadbill

Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Green Patch Cow-icon

Green Patch Cow

Market (briefly) Animal
Green Patch Calf-icon

Green Patch Calf

Guide:Breeding Cattle Animal
Green Rose-icon

Green Roses

Coin-icon 80 coins Crop
Irish Cob Horse-icon

Irish Cob Horse

Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Irish Hare-icon

Irish Hare

Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Kelly Green Cow-icon

Kelly Green Cow

Cash-icon 14 cash Animal
Leprechaun Girl-icon

Leprechaun Girl

Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Leprechaun Goat-icon

Leprechaun Goat

Cash-icon 14 cash Animal
Leprechaun Cottage-icon

Leprechaun's Cottage

Coin-icon 5 coins or Cash-icon 150 cash Building
Lucky Cookies Tree-icon

Lucky Cookies Tree

Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Mossy Stone-icon

Mossy Stone

Coin-icon 50,000 coins Decoration
Pot of Gold 2011 5-icon

Pot of Gold

Coin-icon 1 coin Building
Rainbow Tree-icon

Rainbow Tree

Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Rainbow Fountain (2011)-icon

Rainbow Fountain (2011)

Cash-icon 18 cash Decoration
Shamrock Cottage-icon

Shamrock Cottage

Cash-icon 34 cash Building
Shamrock Manor-icon

Shamrock Manor

Cash-icon 40 cash Building
Shamrock Pig-icon

Shamrock Pig

Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Shamrock Pond-icon

Shamrock Pond

Coin-icon 250,000 coins Decoration
Shamrock Pony-icon

Shamrock Pony

Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Shamrock Pony Foal-icon

Shamrock Pony Foal

Guide:Breeding Horses Animal
Shamrock Topiary-icon

Shamrock Topiary

Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Stone Wall II-icon

Stone Wall

Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Wishing Well-icon

Wishing Well

Coin-icon 5,000 coins Decoration

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