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First date available: June 19, 2009
Last date available: present
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World Location: all
Tile: land
This page is about the various types of squares. For Plot, see Square (disambiguation).

Size and Squares Edit

Farms in FarmVille are built upon a network of squares which define where objects may be placed. The smallest objects occupy only a single square, which is the size of a Hay Bale. This unit of area is referred to as being of size "1x1". A crop plot is 4x4 squares, which is the same size as 16 hay bales arranged in a square shape. The Tool Shed and the Small Pond are the same size as a single plot.

Except in a few special cases, only one object may occupy a square at a time. Items placed in a Storage building do not actually take up any space on the farm, nor do animals placed in a Dairy Farm or Chicken Coop, nor do Flowers placed in a Garden Shed.

However, the ends of certain items, like sections of Whitewash Fence, could be overlapped to create a line of continuous fencing. One fence is of size 1x5, two in a row are 1x9, three are 1x13, and so on. A few special decorations like the Gargoyle Gate and the String Lights could be used as gates in fencing.

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