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The Spring Garden is a building in FarmVille. It was announced in the podcast, and officially released on April 8th, 2011. Players were given a free foundation to construct a Spring Garden. A fully constructed version could be purchased from the market for Cash-icon 120 cash.

You could harvest completed Spring Gardens between April 8th and April 30th, 2011. They worked like the Leprechaun Cottage and Cupid's Castle: when harvested, it gave the farmer Flowers to collect (later, they could be redeemed for special and exclusive items). These flowers can be put in the Spring Basket (2011). Farmers could also visit their neighbors' completed gardens and share collected flowers with their friends.

As with the Leprechaun Cottage and the Cupid's Castle, the Spring Garden could be harvested for tokens which can be accumulated in another item and redeemed for rewards. For the Spring Garden, the tokens are Flowers and can be accumulated in the Spring Basket (2011).

Farmers who have the english farm can place a Spring garden on both farms, and have more flowers.

Items to Collect Edit

The Spring Garden will offer the farmer Flowers to put in the Spring Basket. They are:

Materials Needed Edit

Normal Stage (gives 1 Flower)

Brick-icon Nail-icon Wooden Board-icon
Brick (4) Nail (4) Wooden Board (4)

Second Stage (gives 2 Flowers)

Brick-icon Nail-icon Wooden Board-icon
Brick (16) Nail (16) Wooden Board (16)

Third Stage

Brick-icon Nail-icon Wooden Board-icon
Brick (30) Nail (30) Wooden Board (30)

Gallery Edit

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