Spring Countdown
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The Spring Countdown! is an activity in FarmVille that lasted for 12 days. It started on March 11, 2011.

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day with Cash-icon FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 12 items, the farmer will be rewarded with a special bonus prize, which is an Instagrow Potion.

Items Edit

Items to be collected from Day 1 to 12 are:

Pastel Hay Bale-icon
Pastel Hay Bale
Day 1
Flower Bucket (Spring Countdown)-icon
Flower Bucket (Spring Countdown!)
Day 2
Little Wagon-icon
Little Wagon
Day 3
Spring Flowers-icon
Spring Flowers
Day 4
Milk Crate (Spring Countdown)-icon
Milk Crate (Spring Countdown!)
Day 5
Day 6
Stone Archway (Spring Countdown)-icon
Stone Archway (Spring Countdown!)
Day 7
Spring Balloon Arch-icon
Spring Balloon Arch
Day 8
Weather Vane-icon
Weather Vane
Day 9
Fruit Crate (Spring Countdown)-icon
Fruit Crate (Spring Countdown!)
Day 10
Bouncing Horse (Spring Countdown)-icon
Bouncing Horse (Spring Countdown!)
Day 11
Green Patch Cow-icon
Green Patch Cow
Day 12

Reward Edit

After collecting all 12 items, players will receive

Instagrow Potion
Instagrow Potion-icon
Bonus Prize
(1 application)