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The Sporty Doghouse is a building in FarmVille. You can harvest and use Sporty Dog Treats to unlock new dogs or search for bonus items. You can store certain dogs inside the doghouse.


The Sporty Doghouse was originally released on September 5, 2012. This building can be purchased fully constructed from the market for 60 cash 60 cash, or it can be constructed from a frame.


A frame can be purchased from the market for 5 coins 5 coins. To fully construct it from the frame, you will need 12 Chew Toys, 12 Dog Beds and 24 Tennis Balls. When you finishing building it you will get a Parti Australian Shephard to put it in your Sporty Doghouse, and can start making new dogs.

Sporty Dog Treat[]

Every time you harvest the Sporty Doghouse you will get one Sporty Dog Treat that you can use to unlock new dogs or search for bonus items. You can also ask for treats via wall post fed every 18 hours.

Once you have collected a all of the dogs with Sporty Dog Treats, you can send your dogs to "fetch" items.


Dog Sporty Dog Treat-icon.png
Sporty Dog Treats needed
Parti Australian Shephard-icon.png
Parti Australian Shephard
Black Shepherd-icon.png

Black Shepherd

American Golden-icon.png

American Golden

Rough Collie-icon.png

Rough Collie





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