Sheep Stage is a feature in Farmville. It was originally released on June 27th, 2013. It works like the Pig Scale and Unicorn Cloud. You need to feed 1 or more baby lambs with up to 100 Flower Drinks or to try to get as much as possible in 7 days. When you have fed a baby lamb with 100 Flower Drinks or when 1 week period expires your baby sheep will be measured by weight. The higher the weight the better the reward, those are - 1 of 6 possible sheep for every fed baby lamb and some extra animals, consumables, XP and coins as a reward for finishing it!

Luckily, you can ask your neighbors to help you raise your baby lamb. This way, you both need to feed it to get the rewards. You can ask for Flower Drink-icon Flower Drinks through feed, but you can also craft it in your Craftshop.


Players received a first sheep free, but once that sheep had been fed, players needed to purchase another sheep or accept a neighbours' request to raise a sheep together.

When a new sheep was purchased, it would appear on the players farm in its infant state. Once grown, it transformed into one of six different collectible Mystery sheeps. The Mystery sheeps were as follows:

Shaggy Sheeps: Shaggy Baby Lamb, available for Coin-icon 0 coins.

Shaggy Baby Lamb Shaggy Young Lamb Shaggy Lamb Shaggy Tie-dye Shaggy Kid Shaggy Ribbon Shaggy Shawl
Shaggy Baby Lamb-icon Shaggy Young Lamb-icon Shaggy Lamb-icon Shaggy Tie-Dye Sheep-icon Shaggy Kid Sheep-icon Shaggy Ribbon Sheep-icon Shaggy Shawl Sheep-icon

Snazzy Sheeps: Snazzy Baby Lamb, available for Cash-icon 5 cash.

Snazzy Baby Lamb Snazzy Young Lamb Snazzy Lamb Snazzy Elegant Snazzy Belle Snazzy Suave Snazzy Hipster
Snazzy Baby Lamb-icon Snazzy Young Lamb-icon Snazzy Lamb-icon Snazzy Elegant Sheep-icon Snazzy Belle Sheep-icon Snazzy Suave Sheep-icon Snazzy Hipster Sheep-icon

Stunning Sheeps: Stunning Baby Lamb, available for Cash-icon 10 cash.

Stunning Baby Lamb Stunning Young Lamb Stunning Lamb Stunning Amethyst Stunning Tourmaline Stunning Emerald Stunning Sapphire
Stunning Baby Lamb-icon Stunning Young Lamb-icon Stunning Lamb-icon Stunning Amethyst Sheep-icon Stunning Tourmaline Sheep-icon Stunning Emerald Sheep-icon Stunning Sapphire Sheep-icon

Silly Sheeps: Silly Baby Lamb, available for Coin-icon 100,000 coins.

Silly Baby Lamb Silly Young Lamb Silly Lamb Silly Mime Silly Clown Silly Fool Silly Glasses
Silly Baby Lamb-icon Silly Young Lamb-icon Silly Lamb-icon Silly Mime Sheep-icon Silly Clown Sheep-icon Silly Fool Sheep-icon Silly Glasses Sheep-icon


Upon weighing a sheep, players received three "Bonus Rewards" and were also able to "Collect all 8 rewards". The rewards, listed below, amounts depended on how heavy each sheep was.

Sheep Horse-icon
Sheep Horse
Accountant Sheep-icon
Accountant Sheep
Purple Smoke Tree-icon
Purple Smoke Tree
Sleepy Sheep-icon
Sleepy Sheep
Crape Myrtle Tree-icon
Crape Myrtle Tree
Prized Sheep Statue-icon
Prized Sheep Statue
Pomelo Tree-icon
Pomelo Tree
Pea Ewe-icon
Pea Ewe


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