Sheep Pen Quest in English Countryside farm. This Quest consists of five goals. Sheep Pen Quest was released as a part of English Countryside Event. Upon completing each quest, you shall receive a reward.

The five quests are as follows:

Next quest: Pub Quest

Next quest: Dairy Farm Quest

  • How Dairy You: purchase a new cow & harvest 100 bluebells (receive a Dairy Farm)
  • Say Cheese: collect six cheese cultures & harvest the dairy farm twice (receive a Shorthorn Cow)
  • Showing Off: achieve level 1 mastery of Bluebells, Use a Combine 50 times & Expand to English Family Farm (receive 5 vehicle parts)
  • Save Dr Fluffy: visit 6 neighbors, collect 6 Electric Torches & Harvest 100 Radish (receive an English spot rabbit and a license to put a sheep pen on your home farm.)

Next quest: Dig Site Quest

  • Dig It: Plow 100 Plots & Fertilize plots on neighbor's farm 25 times.
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