The Sheep Pen is a building in FarmVille. It is a constructable building used for storing all kinds of Sheep, like Rams and Ewes. The completed size is 7x8.

The Sheep Pen was originally only available for the English Farm. On April 4th 2011, the FarmVille loading screen said, Bring a Sheep Pen home from the English Countryside!!

To obtain the Sheep Pen on Home farm, players must complete the quest Saving Dr Fluffy. After completing, farmer has the option to buy one Sheep Pen on the Home farm, and start breeding sheep.

Building Stages Edit

Stage1 Stage2 Completed Expansion 1
Sheep Pen Stage 1-icon Sheep Pen Stage 2-icon Sheep Pen Stage 3-icon Sheep Pen Upgrade 1

Materials Needed (1 included on the buy)

Brick-icon Nail-icon Wooden Board-icon
Brick (10) Nail (10) Wooden Board (10)

Expansion 2 (+10 Sheeps)

Brick-icon Nail-icon Wooden Board-icon
Brick (15) Nail (15) Wooden Board (15)

Expansion 3 (+10 Sheeps) (+20 than the normal Sheep Pen)

Brick-icon Nail-icon Wooden Board-icon
Brick (20) Nail (20) Wooden Board (20)

Breeding Sheep Edit

Main article: Breeding Sheep

A new option that came with English Countryside (and the Sheep Pen) is sheep breeding. This new action brought new and exclusive sheep, with many different colors.

You can increase your chances to quickly generate a Baby Lamb with the Love Potions. The more Love Potions used, the higher chances of getting offspring. Farmers need 10 Baby Bottles to grow a baby lamb into an adult sheep.

Love Potions 0 x Love Potion-icon 1 x Love Potion-icon 2 x Love Potion-icon 3 x Love Potion-icon 4 x Love Potion-icon 5 x Love Potion-icon
Chances 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Time 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours 3 hours 1 hour instant

Raising Edit

After a lamb is born, farmers need 10 Bottles to grow their Lamb into an Ewe or a Ram (the sex is randomly determined when the Lamb is born), with an option to share Bottles with their neighbors when their Lamb is halfway and fully grown.

Glitch Edit

Like several other storage buildings, Sheep Pen has a display glitch. The building may appear much larger than it was footprint, and may be difficult to click. But the sheep are still normal sized, and the farmer can still interact with the building (sometimes with difficulty).

Note: Adding or removing sheep, or refreshing the page usually returns the Sheep Pen to normal size.

Gallery Edit

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