The Serve Promotion Event commenced on May 15, 2012. Promotion of the American Express Serve Card. For 72 hours, farmers were able to see Serve Promotion's farm. One special items will be available to Farmers who visit the Serve Model Farm. Once the player visits the Serve Farm, the player will be asked to "help grow a tree" then after completing that task, the player will be gifted the free Serve Tiger, which will be placed in the FarmVille Gift Box.

You can visit the Serve Farm by scroll down to the far right of your in-game neighbor bar, simply click on the Serve Icon to visit the farm. When you are on the Serve farm you will receive a pop-up, Click the green “help grow a tree” just for helping you will receive the free Serve Tiger.

Rewards Edit

Serve Tiger-icon
Serve Tiger

Gallery Edit

  • Serve Promotion Loading Screen
  • Serve Promotion Farm
  • Serve Promotion Pop Up Message
  • Posting On Newsfeed
  • Serve Money Tree Pop Up Notice
  • Money Tree Harvested Pop Up Notice
  • Blue Money Tree (Matured) - Harvestable
  • Gold Money Tree (Matured) - Harvestable
  • Serve Promotion Money Tree Notice
  • Serve Promotion Rewards Notice

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