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Savannah Safari is an extension of FarmVille and is the 27th Farm, excluding the expansion farms and mini farms. You needed to be at experience level 15 or above to use this farm. This is the 5th farm to use the 9x9 expansion system.

Themes Edit

Savannah Safari is 1 of 2 African themed farms.

The other 1 farm is:

Acquisition Edit

It was released as part of the Savannah Safari (event). It stated its early access on July 27th, 2015 for players who are willing to pay Cash-icon 45 cash. It was released for free to all players on August 3rd, 2015.

Early Access Edit

If you buy early access you will get:

  1. Savannah Safari market items
  2. Access to exclusive Savannah Safari quests & rewards
  3. 3x - Exclusive Seeds
    1. King Protea
    2. Patterned Banana
    3. African Botanica
  4. 1x - Discoverer Starter Pack (Cash-icon 72 cash value)
    1. 1x - Savannah Point-icon 400 savannah points
    2. 6x - Building Brick
    3. 6x - Building Haystack
    4. 6x - Building Beam
    5. 16x - Forest Saw
    6. 16x - Building Hammer
    7. 1x - Dichotoma Tree (tree ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    8. 1x - Cheetah Cub (animal ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    9. 1x - Wild Tiger King (animal ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  5. 1x - Bead Braid Horse (animal ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  6. 1x -Savannah Safari Unisex Costume
  7. 1x - Free Fuel-icon Fuel for an Entire Week
  8. 1x - Double all Bushels for an Entire Week

Starting your farm Edit

You start your farm of with the following:

  1. Stationary buildings:
    1. 1x - Safari Lodge
    2. 1x - S.W.E.E.T. Headquarters (similar to the Village Granary - Open all of the presents to gain an Unwither Ring)
    3. 1x = Savannah Conservation Center (Shows overall donation progression for this farm from all players)
  2. Purpose buildings:
    1. 1x - Storage Cellar
    2. 1x - Savannah Garage (15 of 30 parts)
    3. 1x - Savannah Orchard (10 of 30 parts)
    4. 1x - Savannah Pasture (10 of 30 parts)
  3. Crafting buildings:
    1. 1x - Savannah Craftshop
    2. 1x - Village Market Stall
    3. 1x - Herbal Inn (ready to harvest)
    4. 1x - Savannah Reserve (ready to harvest - similar to the Elite Horses self contained crafting building)
  4. Animals
    1. 1x - African Lion King (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    2. 1x - Hunter Cheetah (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  5. Trees
    1. 1x - African Red Tulip Tree (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
    2. 1x - African Pom Pom Tree (ready to harvest - Cash-icon ? cash value)
  6. Decorations
    1. 1x - Cane Bridge (Coin-icon 100,000 coins value)
  7. Plots:
    1. 12x - Plots-Land Land plots, with room to add more.
      1. 6x - Ixia Hybrids
      2. 6x - Spider Iriss
  8. Hidden treasures:
    1. 3x - Bear Traps (Small - requires 10 Forest Saws ea.)
    2. 3x - Scrap Forest Logs (Medium - requires 22 Forest Saws ea.)
    3. 3x - Broken Down Jeeps (Large - requires 28 Building Hammers ea.)
    4. 0x - Broken Down Huts (Extra Large - requires 42 Building Hammers ea.)

Savannah Points Edit

Main article: Savannah Point
Savannah Point-icon

Savannah Point

Savannah Points are the new experience system for Savannah Safari. These are similar to the Spook Point system in Haunted Hollow, Zen Point system in Jade Falls, Cheer Point system in Mistletoe Lane and Fairy Point system in Enchanted Glen. Similarly, you have to get started at Level 1 once again.

How to gain Savannah Points Edit

You can earn these Savannah Points in a number of fun ways:

  1. Planting/harvesting Savannah Safari crops/seeds
  2. Discovering the Hidden Treasures
  3. Leveling up your Herbal Inn
  4. Crafting in the Savannah Reserver (Self Contained crafting building)
  5. Upgrading the Safari Lodge (stationary building)

As with previous expansions, all players will start out as Level 1 in Savannah Safari, regardless of your level on your Home Farm or other expansions.

Items Edit

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The following items are locked to Savannah Safari, and cannot be placed on any other farm.

Beat Savannah Safari Edit

Task # Description Reward
1 Safari Lodge-icon
Expand Safari Lodge through Level 10
Savannah Point-icon 2,000 savannah points
2 Master the following 21 Savannah Safari crops to a 3 star Mastery
African Cucumber, Pollia Condensata, Baobab Flower, Swirly Vine Bowl, Beaded Grape, Striped Watermelon, African Gourmet Mushroom, Ixia Hybrid, Dubium Flower, Woven Muskmelon, Pineapple Lily, Flaming Aloe, Ruffles Copper, Floro Swirl, Lychee Strawberry, Drosera Regia, Spider Iris, Winged Flora, Exotic Twirl, Exotic Africana, Drosera Regia
Instagrow Potion-icon
2x Instagrow Potions
3 Savannah Reserve-icon
Complete all animals in the Savannah Reserve!
Guinea Turaco, Patterened Pangolin, Baby Caracal, Green Iguana, Malabar Pied Hornbill, African Civet, Golden Head Tamarin, Butterfly Oryx, Jungle Cheetah, Mandrill Gorilla, Jungle King Lion, Jungle Horse, Elemental Rhino, Wild African Elephant, Elemental Giraffe
5x Unwithers
4 Herbal Inn-icon
Improve the Herbal Inn to Level 5 (5 stars)
Savannah Point-icon 4,000 savannah points
5 Complete all 4 tasks
  1. Safari Lodge
  2. Mastering 21 crops to 3 stars
  3. Savannah Reserve
  4. Herbal Inn
Beat Savannah Safari Trophy and Shipping license

Beat Savannah Safari Trophy-icon Savannah Safari Shipping License-icon

Hidden Treasures Edit

Main article: Hidden Treasure

Farm Expansion Edit

Main article: Expand Farm

Slideshow Edit

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