The Royal Welcome Party is a kind of an event to celebrate Prince William and Kate's wedding. FarmVille offered a Welcome Tent to all players, for they join friends to the party.

The objective is to get the more guests a player can have. Player win special prizes when they get 4, 8, 16 and 32 guests.

Prizes Edit

Number of Guests Prize Unlock For
4 Lover's Arch-icon
Lover's Arch
Cash-icon 16 cash
Royal Crystal Tree-icon

Royal Crystal Tree
Cash-icon 32 cash
Majestic Roses-icon

Majestic Roses
Cash-icon 64 cash
Royal Steed-icon

Royal Steed
Cash-icon 128 cash

NOTE: Cost to purchase prizes will get reduced by 50% whenever a previous prize is won. Example: If a player wins the Lover's Arch, the Royal Crystal Tree price will be available for Cash-icon 16 cash, the Majestic Roses for Cash-icon 32 cash and the Royal Steed for Cash-icon 64 cash.

The player receives the prize on his gift box.

Gallery Edit

  • Royal Welcome Party Announcement
  • Inside Royal Welcome Tent
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