Romeo and Juliet Balcony
Romeo and Juliet Balcony-icon

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Farm: all
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-quest for template instructions
First Available: February 5, 2013
Last Available: February 26, 2013
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The Romeo and Juliet Balcony was a multistage Escapade feature in FarmVille. It was originally released on February 5th, 2013. It was located on outer right side of farm. It had 12 stages that have different duration and difficulties.

Stage 1Edit

  • Requirements: Get 6 Leather Jerkins-icon Leather Jerkins, 6 Bracers-icon Bracers and 8 Garland Headbands-icon Garland Headbands
Romeo And Juliet Fountain-icon

Stage 2Edit

  • Requirements: Get 8 Muffin Hats-icon Muffin Hats
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers-icon

Stage 3Edit

  • Requirements: Invite 6 Add Friend-icon friends
Nurse Bunny-icon

Stage 4Edit

  • Requirements: Get 6 Sculpting Chisels-icon Sculpting Chisels, 6 Granites-icon Granites and 8 Statue Pedestals-icon Statue Pedestals
Muffin Hat Tree-icon

Stage 5Edit

  • Requirements: Invite 4 Add Friend-icon friends

Stage 6Edit

  • Requirements: 4 Capulet Roses-icon Capulet Roses, 6 Party Invitations-icon Party Invitations and 6 Masquerade Masks-icon Masquerade Masks
Mercutio Falcon-icon

Stage 7Edit

  • Requirements: Get 5 Balcony Railings-icon Balcony Railings
Capulet House-icon

Stage 8Edit

  • Requirements: Invite 4 Add Friend-icon friends
Rapier Tree-icon

Stage 9Edit

  • Requirements: Get 4 Ivy Vines-icon Ivy Vines
Tybalt Puma-icon

Stage 10Edit

  • Requirements: Get 4 Wedding Vows-icon Wedding Vows, 4 Rapiers-icon Rapiers and 8 Leather Gloves-icon Leather Gloves
Mystery Game Dart-icon

Stage 11Edit

  • Requirements: Get 8 Herbology Books-icon Herbology Books
Montague Manor-icon

Stage 12Edit

  • Requirements: Get 4 Belledonnas-icon Belledonnas, 4 Letters to Romeo-icon Letters to Romeo and 8 Lily Bouquets-icon Lily Bouquets
White Lily Unicorn-icon