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Red Wheat is a grain crop available on FarmVille. Farmers must be at least level 30 to plant red wheat and will be rewarded with XP-icon 2 experience per plant. They cost Coin-icon 180 coins each and can be harvested 3 days later for 449 coins, giving a decent profit, the largest of the 3 day crops.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 250
Level 2 500
Level 3 750
Red Wheat Mastery Sign-icon

FarmVille Crop Mastery Trivia: There are actually several varieties of Red Wheat, including Hard Red Winter, Soft Red Winter, and Red Fife.

Stall and Bushel Edit

Red Wheat Stall Red Wheat Bushel
Red Wheat Stall-icon Red Wheat Bushel-icon

Recipes Edit

Red Wheat Bushels are used in the following crafting recipes:

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Bakery 3
Zucchini Bushel-icon
3x Zucchini Bushel
Red Wheat Bushel-icon
1x Red Wheat Bushel
White Grape Bushel-icon
3x White Grape Bushel
Zucchini Muffin-icon
3x Zucchini Muffin
Bakery 5
Carrot Bushel-icon
2x Carrots
Red Wheat Bushel-icon
1x Red Wheat Bushel
Soybean Bushel-icon
2x Soybean Bushel
Cranberry Bushel-icon
2x Cranberry Bushel
Carrot Cake-icon
3x Carrot Cake

Growth Phases Edit

Growth Phases
Growth Duration Image
0 - 32% Time planted

1 day
Red Wheat 00

—Image © Zynga
33 - 65% 1 day

2 days, 1 hour
Red Wheat 33

—Image © Zynga
66 - 99% 2 days, 1 hour

3 days, 2 hours
Red Wheat 66

—Image © Zynga
100% 3 days, 3 hours

7 days, 19 hours ***
Red Wheat 100

—Image © Zynga
100% Fertilized 3 days, 3 hours

7 days, 19 hours ***
Red Wheat extra100

—Image © Zynga
Withered *** 6 days, 6 hours

7 days, 19 hours+
Red Wheat withered

—Image © Zynga

Gallery Edit

  • Fully grown red wheat.
  • Fertilized red wheat.

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