Red Barns are buildings in FarmVille. They are not rotatable, and can be bought from the market for Coin-icon 40,000 coins, or can be won in a Mystery Scots Grey Egg. They can also be used for storage. A Red Barn initially has a storage capacity of 6 items. The capacity can be upgraded with Barn Raisings or 10 cash to produce a "Big Barn" with a storage capacity of 11 items, and then a "Huge Barn" with a capacity of 18. The barn begins with one grain silo attached, gets a second when it becomes a "Big Barn" and a third when expanded to a "Huge Barn".

Like all of the other storage buildings the Red Barn, once it has been taken out of the gift box, cannot itself be taken into storage. Therefore the only way to remove it from your farm again is by selling it.

Expansion Edit

Main article: Barn Raising
Starting 1st Expansion 2nd Expansion
Image Red Barn-icon

—Image © Zynga
Red Barn First

—Image © Zynga
Red Barn Barn Second

—Image © Zynga
Storage 6 11 18

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