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Re-Gifting is a feature that was added in limited release on September 15th, 2010, and within a few hours was released to most users.

You can only re-gift giftable items. When you choose to re-gift an item, its posted to your feed so any of your neighbors can claim it.

When you re-gift an item, you can select how many of that item you have in your gift box to re-gift, from 1 to the max number you have. You can do a re-gift feed up to 4 times per day, regardless of how many items you share each time you re-gift.

Re-Giftable Items Edit

* Means that these items are no longer available to be Re-Gifted..

(This is an incomplete list) More items will be added soon.

  • Some of the items listed here can no longer be gifted & therefore are no longer Regifted.
  • Other Items that were Regiftable before can no longer be gifted and therefore, cannot be regifted.

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