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Queen Bee is an animal available in FarmVille, introduced on July 12, 2010.

How to Obtain

There are 4 options for obtaining a Queen Bee

  1. Finding it on farm when harvesting crops. (.06% chance)
  2. Finding it when fertilizing flower crops on a neighbor’s farm. (.06% chance)
  3. Adopting via the Facebook newsfeed share from a friend that has found a Queen Bee, but already possessed one
  4. By Purchasing it from the Hive’s menu for Template:Cash.

Possession of the Queen

  • When a Farmer found a Queen Bee in the field a pop-up notification will appear.
    • If there is no Queen Bee in the hive: The Queen will automatically be added to the Beehive.
    • If there is a Queen Bee in the hive: It is still possible to find further Queens in the field. The farmer cannot save any of these, but he is allowed to share via Facebook newsfeed. Neighbors will be able to “adopt” the Queen Bee.
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Player wants to share a rare Queen Bee in FarmVille!
Player was tending some crops when they found this rare Queen Bee!
Since they already have one for their beehive, they want to share it with their friends!
  • Finding a Queen Bee in the newsfeed it will automatically place in Gift Box, regardless of whether the farmer currently have a Queen in the hive. A farmer may possess multiple Queens found in this manner, in essence "collecting" them for future use. This is useful, as Queens can leave the hive.


Once a Queen Bee is found the Beehive may be filled with Honeybees. Honeybees find pollinated seeds from fertilized crops. The more Honeybees increase the chance of finding Pollinated Seeds. A full beehive may also bestow upon the player a free Fertilize All.


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