Puppy Kibble is a consumable that is used for feeding a farmer's dog. It was released on April 7th, along with dogs. A farmer may buy it at the Market or may receive it from his or her neighbors as a gift.

As of April 7th, 2010, the Cash-icon 65 cash dogs come with 2 weeks (14 days) worth of Puppy Kibble, so there is no need to ask neighbors or buy it in the Market. On the other hand, the coins dog only comes with one day of Puppy Kibble, requiring supplementation from the Market or neighbors.

Feeding Edit

The puppy has to be fed every 24 hours. If you fed you puppy the first time at 3 P.M. and feed it at 7 P.M the next day, you have only 20 hours left until 3 P.M the following day to feed it. When it has been fed 14 times, it will grow up. Since April 14, a popup will remind the farmer that the puppy needs to be fed.

What if you don't feed your puppy? Edit

If you do not feed your puppy in time, he will run away to the pound. If this happens, you will see a puppy behind bars in the left top of your screen. If you hover your mouse over the image, you will read the message: Rescue your puppy from the market!. You will also get a a pop-up window with a message saying the your puppy run away and that you will need to pay a fine to get him back. You can click the Pay Fine Cash-icon 2 cash or you can go to the Market-Animals-Pets and you will have the option to Rescue My Dog you will only need to click Buy and pay the Cash-icon 2 cash.


Puppy Kibble can be created in the Craftshop by crafting the below Bushel combination over a 1 hour period:

Milk Jug-icon
1x Milk Jug
Rice Bushel-icon
2x Rice


Main article: Mastery
Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 5
Level 2 10
Level 3 40
Puppy Kibble Mastery Sign-icon

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