The subject of this article or section is part of the New England Event, an Event that lasted from July 20th, 2010 to August 6th, 2010. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available.


The Puffin is an animal available on FarmVille. It was released on July 29th, 2010 and was available until August 12th, 2010 as part of the New England Event.

This item was re-released on January 17, 2011 for a limited time as part of the Winter Wonderland Event.

The Puffin was re-released on May 8th, 2011 for a limited time as part of the 49th Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game.

In 2010 it had a purchase price of 14 FV Cash, a selling price of 325 coins, and gave a farmer 65 XP.

In 2011 the purchase price remained 14 FV Cash, the selling price became 7000 coins and XP gained of 1400 XP.

The Puffin is based on the real-world Puffin, any one of three small seabirds that feed primarily by diving in the water. They breed in large colonies on coastal cliffs or offshore islands, nesting in crevices among rocks or in burrows in the soil. Two species: the Tufted Puffin and Horned Puffin, are found in the North Pacific Ocean, while the Atlantic Puffin, is found in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 8
Level 2
Level 3 27
Puffin Mastery Sign-icon

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