The Prom Fashion Personality is a voting building in FarmVille. The Prom Fashion Personality can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on May 14th 2013. It had 12 questions, with 2 possible answers for each question.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Prom Fashion Personality Stage 1-icon Prom Fashion Personality Stage 2-icon 70px

Prom Fashion Personality Max Left Answers Prom Fashion Personality Max Right Answers
Prom Fashion Personality All Left Answers-icon Prom Fashion Personality All Right Answers-icon


Question 1Edit

Do I prefer Edgey or Classic?
High Fashion Chicken-icon Suitor Duck-icon
High Fashion Chicken Suitor Duck

Question 2Edit

Do I prefer a Poofy Skirt or an Evening Dress?
Poofy Skirt Cow-icon Evening Cow-icon
Poofy Skirt Cow Evening Cow

Question 3Edit

Do I like Fifties or Mod style?
Sock Hop Poodle-icon Mod Doberman-icon
Sock Hop Poodle Mod Doberman

Question 4Edit

Would I prefer a Tuxedo or a Tuxedo T-Shirt?
Tuxedo Giraffe-icon Semi-Formal Giraffe-icon
Tuxedo Giraffe Semi-Formal Giraffe

Question 5Edit

Do I like dresses with a Big Bow or No Bow?
Big Bow Bear-icon Prom Bear-icon
Big Bow Bear Prom Bear

Question 6Edit

Do I prefer Punk or Disco fashion?
Punk Prom Gnome-icon Disco Prom Gnome-icon
Punk Prom Gnome Disco Prom Gnome

Question 7Edit

Do I like Victorian or Goth style?
Victorian Horse-icon Goth Horse-icon
Victorian Horse Goth Horse

Question 8Edit

Would I like to dress Country or City for the prom?
Country Prom Table-icon City Prom Table-icon
Country Prom Table City Prom Table

Question 9Edit

Would I wear Pumps or Flats to the prom?
Pumps Tree-icon Flats Tree-icon
Pumps Tree Flats Tree

Question 10Edit

Would I wear my hair Up or Down for the prom?
Hair Up Tree-icon Hair Down Tree-icon
Hair Up Tree Hair Down Tree

Question 11Edit

Would I rather be Enchanting or Mysterious?
Enchanting Pegasus-icon Mysterious Pegasus-icon
Enchanting Pegasus Mysterious Pegasus

Question 12Edit

Would I rather be Elegant or Glamorous?
Elegant Pegacorn-icon Glamorous Pegacorn-icon
Elegant Pegacorn Glamorous Pegacorn

Final RewardEdit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.


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