To earn the Pretty Garden ribbon, a farmer must place flower bouquets on their farm. Unlike Architect or Baled Out ribbons the counter is not decreased when bouquets are removed so there is no need to have all bouquets placed in same time. Flower bouquets can be obtained by harvesting a perfect bunch of flowers planted by a farmer or from neighbors. If a farmer harvests a Perfect Bunch, he can either keep them (if he owns a Garden Shed) or may share them with his neighbors. If a farmer does not own a garden shed, they must rely on their neighbors sharing their perfect bunches.

When a farmer buys a Garden Shed from the market, they will receive 10 free bouquets, which will automatically earn them the white ribbon.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Colour Coins\XP Item
Pretty Garden Yellow 25 Perfect Bunch of Daffodils
Pretty Garden White 50 Perfect Bunch of Red Tulips
Pretty Garden Red 100 Perfect Bunch of Pink Roses
Pretty Garden Blue 250 Perfect Bunch of Sunflowers

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