Presents are Items that were available to gift during the Winter Holiday Event, however there were a few gifts that were given to friends after growing the Holiday Tree. There was also one purchasable Gold Present. Presents are similar to Mystery Boxes, in that they contain a random item. Presents could be opened from December 24 to January 7.

New Year Ball Edit

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The First Present for every Player is the New Year Ball, which gave a level up if checked between January 1 and January 3.

Types of Presents Edit

Giftable Presents Edit

Blue Present Pink Present Green Present Red Present Brown Present
Blue Present-icon Pink Present-icon Green Present-icon Red Present-icon Brown Present-icon

Special Presents Edit

When your Holiday Tree grows you can post it to your Wall. From the post your friends can get new special Presents since 10 December.

Orange Present Polka Dot Present Coral Present Striped Present Purple Present
Orange Present-icon Polka Dot Present-icon Coral Present-icon Striped Present-icon Purple Present-icon

Gold Present Edit

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Unlike the other presents available, the Gold Present was obtained from the Holiday Tree by trading in 5 unopened presents and 5 Farm Cash. It contained the "best items available" from the other presents.

Gold Present
Gold Present-icon

Holiday Tree Edit

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The presents were contained in a Building/Tree called Holiday Tree. The Holiday Tree grew depending on how many presents it was holding, until reaching its maximum capacity of 100 presents.

Rewards Edit

From December 24 to January 7, presents can be opened. The presents contain a variety of items. Confirmed winnings are listed below.

News Feed Present Edit

  • With some special presents you can post to the news feed. With this up to 5 of your friens can get a special present. But sometimes - maybe one of the five - you can get the actual shared present (Brown Chicken, Fuel refill, Mystery Box, Grey Tabby ...).

Unwrapped present brown chicken news feed

Unwrapped present fuell refill news feed

Unwrapped present grey tabby news feed

Unwrapped present mystery box news feed

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