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Official FarmVille Podcast – October 23rd Transcript Edit

Hey, farmers. I would like to welcome you to the first ever official FarmVille podcast. My name is Lexilicious and I am the FarmVille Community Manager. I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen me lurking around the FarmVille forums, maybe I've talked to a couple of you guys on Twitter. I'm going to bringing these podcasts to you on a weekly basis, and I'm going to be going over some of the new features that have released in FarmVille. I'll also be giving some tips and tricks to some of our newer users but I think the coolest part about this podcast is I'm going to be giving you guys a sneak-peak of some of the things that are gonna be coming your way soon. So lets go ahead and get this show on the road.

This week was a very exciting week for FarmVille. We saw the addition of lots of really big new features. I think the most popular addition has been the Dairy Farm. For users who may not be familiar with this new feature, the Dairy Farm is the first Building that matters. Up until this new release, Buildings did not have much of a purpose beyond making our users' farms look cool and providing a decent amount of experience when purchased.

Dairy Farms allow players to place up to 20 cows in them at one time, and, milk them all with one click every twenty-four hours. I'm sure you guys can see how useful this new feature must be for some of our players who may have accumulated tons of cows on their farm since the release of FarmVille. Now, you guys don't have to worry about turning away that lonely pink cow when she wanders on your farm looking for a new home.

Our next big feature this week was the addition of flowers. Flowers have been one of the most requested features from members of our community over the last few months. The great thing about this new feature is that they are not a decoration. Flowers are a harvestable crop. Daffodils, Tulips, Roses, Lavender, and Lilies can now all be purchased from the Market. And since these are harvestable, that means you are able to reap the rewards from Mastering all these new crops.

And finally, new limited edition Halloween items were added this week. There is a new giftable Gravestone, a new Ghost Chili crop, which is a new 6 hour crop for anybody who wants to know, um, and the new Spooky Bat, and Scaredy Crow can now be purchased in the Market. So, now there's no excuse for you guys for not having the spookiest farm around.

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