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The Piglet is an animal in FarmVille.


It was introduced on July 2, 2010.

Upon adopting a Pregnant Sow, the receiving Farmer will be told to place her on their farm, at which point her progress (% ready) until "labor" will be displayed for the Farmer. The following day, the Farmer will receive a pop-up regarding Piglets and will have the option to share a piglet(s) to Neighbors of their choosing.


Unlike the calf and foal, piglets can not be put in the Nursery Barn but you can put them in the Pigpen.


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The Piglet can be stored in the This page is using the wrong template. Please use {{Storage/potion}} instead.

When placed in the Pigpen, a Piglet can be harvested once per day and yield 80 coins per harvest. Piglets will hunt for Black Truffles on your neighbors farms.


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