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Pig Scale
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First date available: unknown
Last date available: present
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Sell for: Coin-icon 0 coins
Tile: see Template:infobox-generic for template instructions
Size: 4x2 (an area of 8 squares)

Pig Scale is a feature in Farmville that was originally released on October 4, 2012. Players were provided with a set of scales on their farm and were encouraged to play with neighbours to achieve higher success.

A pig could be fed up to 100 'Pig Chows' in a 7 day period, the more the pig was fed, the more it weighed. Once the pig had been fed 100 Pig Chows or after the 7 day period had ended, whichever came first, each pig was measured by weight, the higher the weight, the better rewards. Rewards included 1 of 5 possible pigs for every fed pig, extra animals, consumables, XP and coins.

Players were encouraged to ask your neighbors to help raise prize pigs. Players were able to feed their own pigs and neighbours pigs to gain rewards. Players were able to ask neighbours for Pig Chow through their feed and by gift but were also able to craft Pig Chow in their Craftshop.


Players received a first pig free, but once that pig had been fed and weighed, players needed to purchase another pig or accept a neighbours' request to raise together pig. This could be completed by pressing Pig Market inside the Prize Pig overview.

When a new pig was purchased, it would appear on the players farm in its infant state. Once grown, it transformed into one of five different collectible Mystery Pigs. The Mystery Pigs were as follows:

Magnificent Pig, available for Coin-icon 25,000 coins.

Magnificent Piglet-icon
Magnificent Pig-icon
Magnificent Town Sheriff Pig-icon
Magnificent Good Pig-icon
Magnificent Ugly Pig-icon
Magnificent Bad Pig-icon

Noble Pig, available for Coin-icon 100,000 coins.

Noble Piglet-icon
Noble Pig-icon
Noble Tweed Pig-icon
Noble Butler Pig-icon
Noble Distinguished Pig-icon
Noble Formal Pig-icon

Fabulous Pig, available for Cash-icon 5 cash.

Fabulous Piglet-icon
Fabulous Plump Pig-icon
Fabulous Hollywood Pig-icon
Fabulous Bow Pig-icon
Fabulous Bling Pig-icon
Fabulous Bedazzled Pig-icon

Majestic Pig, available for Cash-icon 10 cash.

Majestic Piglet-icon
Majestic Pig-icon
Majestic Plane Pig-icon
Majestic Butterfly Pig-icon
Majestic Black Pig-icon
Majestic White Pig-icon


Upon weighing a pig, players received three "Bonus Rewards" and were also able to "Collect all 8 rewards". The rewards, listed below, amounts depended on how heavy each pig was.

Pig Chow-icon

Pig Chow

Turbo Charger-icon

Turbo Chargers

Joshua Tree-icon

Joshua Tree
Pig Sheep-icon

Pig Sheep
Blanket Pig-icon

Blanket Pig
Country Fair Gnome-icon

Country Fair Gnome


  • Prize Pig on the scale
  • Prize Pigs Stand

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