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A farmer may help all of their neighbors once every 24 hours. For the first 20 neighbors helped, Coin-icon 20 coins and XP-icon 5 experience are earned, for the rest only Coin-icon 5 coins and XP-icon 1 experience is given. There are some decorative signs that say "No Gopher" or "No Crow"; however, these do not have any effect in the game against these pests. They have been rare occurrences since the last updates.

Types of pests Edit

Types of pests
Image Name Request
Crow-icon Crows Hey Player! These crows are destroying my crops! Please get rid of them!
Help foxes2 Foxes Hey Player! These foxes have been scaring my animals! Please help me shoo them away!
Gophers-icon Gophers Hey Player! These gophers have been munching on all of my crops. Could you help me get rid of them?
Help leaves2 Leaves Hiya Player! Just look at all these leaves! Would you help me rake them up?
Raccoon-icon Raccoons These mischievous raccoons are ransacking my farm! Could you please scare them away?
Weed-icon Weeds Hey, Player I sure could use your help clearing these weeds. How 'bout it?


  • When the message pops up, if a farmer presses the red X in the corner of it, the pest will stay there, always animated. Farmers must avoid pressing it.

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