"Other Seeds" are those seeds available on FarmVille not classified as Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, or Flowers. They include fibers, beverage crops, and such. They can bought from the market, under the seeds section.

List of "Other Crops"

Seed/Crops Normalized Value Table

In FarmVille, whenever a farmer makes a purchase, they gain experience of at least 1%. Hay bales get 5%, some other items about 3% and some recycling ways get 10% (Soybeans). All income in Farmville can be used to buy experience. This gives experience a coin value of at most 100 coins per experience point.

The last three columns represent how much a crop earns with the value of its experience points; these columns can be used to give a farmer an idea how quickly each lets you gain levels.
The last three columns are a way to compare the crop to animals or trees which only let you gain experience through purchasing. Since we do not know your purchasing habits the guess is that each experience point from a crop is like you spent 50 coins (or 2% experience from purchases) to buy that experience point.
To use the columns use the sort button at the top and look for your crop then compare that profit to another crop or to your other animals or trees.
If you have not mastered the crop then sort by the Profit + Experience column.
If you have mastered the crop then use the +Experience +Mastery column.
If you have mastered the crop and are using a bushel bonus use the +Experience +Mastery +Bushel Bonus column.

Co-Op Farming is difficult to calculate because it depends on the number of crops you plant, how many farmers join you and what star you achieve. In general, 3 member co-ops earning a gold star are about the same as mastering the crop.

  • One day in FarmVille is actually only 23 hours in duration. This table has been adjusted to real-world hours.
  • If the crop can not be mastered, then profit values will not change in last two columns.
  • This table is auto-populated. If there's a mistake, make all edits on the related seed's page.
  • As it is auto-populated, this table is also cached for 12 hrs to lighten server load.

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