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The Ornament Tree III is countdown activity in FarmVille that lasts for 14 days plus extra 2(?) days if you was not able to get all 14 items. It started on November 26th, 2013.

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day with FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 14 items, the farmer will be rewarded with 1 of 5 special bonus prizes if rank in high enough along ALL PLAYERS.

You can ask friends for help via wall post every 3 hours. After revealing Day 14 price and completing it you can get special trophy if you are at top 5 along your neighbors in saling.

Released items by days:Edit

Ornament Tree III Day 1 Ask friends to sell Snowman Ornaments (need 4 helpers) Snow Angel Cow-icon
Snow Angel Cow
Ornament Tree III Day 2 Ask friends to sell Gingerbread Ornaments (need 6 helpers) Gingerbread Pegasus-icon
Gingerbread Pegasus
Ornament Tree III Day 3 Ask friends to sell Stocking Ornaments (need 6 helpers) Stocking Race-icon
Stocking Race
Ornament Tree III Day 4 Ask friends to sell Santa Ornaments (need 7 helpers) Santa Pig-icon
Santa Pig
Ornament Tree III Day 5 Ask friends to sell Reindeer Ornaments (need 7 helpers) Poinsettia Deer-icon
Poinsettia Deer
Ornament Tree III Day 6 Ask friends to sell Scrooge Ornaments (need 8 helpers) Scrooge Gnome-icon
Scrooge Gnome
Ornament Tree III Day 7 Ask friends to sell Wreath Ornaments (need 8 helpers) Wreath Gnomette-icon
Wreath Gnomette
Ornament Tree III Day 8 Ask friends to sell Candycane Ornaments (need 8 helpers) Candycane Pony Pegacorn-icon
Candycane Pony Pegacorn
Ornament Tree III Day 9 Ask friends to sell Sleigh Ornaments (need 9 helpers) Santas Sleigh-icon
Santas Sleigh
Ornament Tree III Day 10 Ask friends to sell Light Strings (need 9 helpers) Ornament Tree IV-icon
Ornament Tree
Ornament Tree III Day 11 Ask friends to sell Present Ornaments (need 10 helpers) Giftwrapped House-icon
Giftwrapped House
Ornament Tree III Day 12 Ask friends to sell Nutcracker Ornaments (need 11 helpers) Nutcracker Chicken II-icon
Nutcracker Chicken II
Ornament Tree III Day 13 Ask friends to sell Snowflakes (need 12 helpers) Snowflake Peacock-icon
Snowflake Peacock
Ornament Tree III Day 14 Ask friends to sell Jingle Bells (need 12 helpers) Fruitcake Tree-icon
Fruitcake Tree


1st Place Trophy 2nd Place Trophy 3rd Place Trophy 4th Place Trophy 5th Place Trophy
1st Place Trophy-icon 2nd Place Trophy-icon 3rd Place Trophy-icon 4th Place Trophy-icon 5th Place Trophy-icon


Snow Angel Calf-icon Snow Angel Calf
Poinsettia Fawn-icon Poinsettia Fawn
Candycorn Pony Pegacorn Foal-icon Candycorn Pony Pegacorn Foal
Gingerbread Pegasus Foal-icon Gingerbread Pegasus Foal
Nutcracker 2 Egg-icon Nutcracker 2 Egg

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