Orange Tulip
Orange Tulip-icon

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Single Bloom
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Full Bloom
First Date Available unknown
Last Date Available available
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-bloom for template instructions
World Location(s) all
Source Bloom Garden
Cost Cash-icon 3 or 7 cash
Bloom Type single
Size: 1x1 (an area of 1 squares)
Tile type: land
Storage Bloom Garden
Growing time 1 day, 1 hour
Harvest for Coin-icon 720 coins
Sell for: see Template:infobox-bloom for template instructions

The Orange Tulip is a bloom in FarmVille.


Bloom Garden

Main article: Bloom Garden

The Orange Tulip can be stored in the Bloom Garden. The Bloom Garden can be harvested every 2 days. When harvesting the Bloom Garden containing at least one Orange Tulip, it is possible to find either a Mystery Bulb or Flower Food.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 26
Level 2
Level 3
Orange Tulip Mastery Sign-icon

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