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The Orange Basket is a crafting good.

Acquisition Edit

The Orange Basket can be found when harvesting Orange Trees and Blood Orange Trees. They can also be requested from a farmer's friends via wall post.

Storage Edit

Orange Baskets can be stored in the Crafting Silo.

Recipes Edit

The following recipes use Orange Baskets:

Current recipeEdit

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Craftshop 0 Cranberry Bushel-icon
4x Cranberry
Cotton Bushel-icon
3x Cotton
Orange Basket-icon
2x Orange Basket
Pine Fence I-icon
1x Pine Fence I

Retired recipeEdit

Building Stars Ingredients Time Product
Craftshop 0
Peanuts Bushel-icon

3x Peanut Bushels
Morning Glory Bushel-icon

3x Morning Glory Bushels
Orange Basket-icon
2x Orange Baskets
6 hours Arborist-icon
Craftshop 0 Orange Basket-icon
4x Orange Baskets
Pink Aster Bushel-icon

2x Pink Aster Bushel
Tomato Bushel-icon

3x Tomato Bushel
4 hours
Moat II-icon

Moat II

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