On the Lamb
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Goal Information
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Description Nurturing lambs takes care, but it's great to have a sheep that you raised from a baby.
Points rewarded: XP-icon 250 XP
Item reward(s) Sheep Statue, Gertrude the Ewe
Sharing Bonus(es):
I'll Get Ewe On the Lamb Trees of Green

On the Lamb is the sixth part of the Sheep Pen quest in the English Countryside. In order to complete it, the player needs to:

Mysterious Lamb

Place a Lamb on Your Farm.
Open your Sheep Pen to choose a Ram and a Ewe to breed.

Skip for Cash-icon 10 cash.
Mysterious Lamb

Raise 1 Lamb into an Adult Sheep.
"Feed your lamb plenty of yummy bottles to see it grow up healthy and happy!"

Skip for Cash-icon 10 cash.

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