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The Nursery Barn was introduced to FarmVille on April 15th, 2010 and restricted to existing buildings only on February 9th, 2012.

The building acts as storage for all calves and foals on a farm.

The frame could be purchased from the market for Coin-icon 5,000 coins. Similar to the Horse Stable, materials will need to be gathered in order to complete the construction. The following items are required: Bottle, Blanket, Brick, Board, and Nail. Ten of each item is required (totalling fifty items). When starting to build the nursery barn, one bottle will already be inside. The Nursery Barn shares some common building material with other buildings, namely the Brick, Wooden Board and Nail. When a farmer has multiple unfinished buildings that need for instance wooden boards, they may choose which building it will be used in.

When the building is finished, the farmer gets a Grey Foal, though they sometimes have to reload the game in order to see it.

Brick Wooden Board Nail Bottle Blanket
Brick-icon Wooden Board-icon Nail-icon Bottle-icon Blanket-icon
10 needed 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed 10 needed

Expansion Edit

On September 14th, 2010 FarmVille made the nursery barns expandable up to 40. For each expansion of a nursery barn, 10 of each of the 5 types of building materials (for a total of 50 items) are required. The first expansion brings the capacity to 30 animals, and the second expansion brings the total capacity to 40 calves/foals.

Nursery Expansion LS

Nursery Expansion - Loading Screen

2nd Nursery Barn Glitch Edit

A glitch used to exist in the game whereupon a farmer, after completing their first Nursery Barn, could purchase additional Nursery Barns in the Market for Coin-icon 5,000 coins. Zynga confirmed the glitch in their June 14, 2010 podcast, stating that the glitch had been fixed and any extra Nursery Barns owned would be manually removed. On September 27th, 2010, Zynga removed all but the user's first Nursery Barn. Those who had a Nursery Barn deleted were refunded Cash-icon 100 cash. The animals in the second barn were returned to the player's gift box. Any animals after the second barn were deleted.

Purpose Edit

On May 28th, 2010, the Nursery Barn was upgraded, allowing it to transform baby animals into the new animals upon harvest. As a functional building of the game, up to 40 calves or foals can be placed inside the Nursery Barn, allowing them all to be harvested simultaneously. It will randomly grow the calves and foals contained within into full-grown cows and horses.

Note: As of October 2011 the below chart is no longer 100% accurate. English Calves now become Holsteins, and mini-party foals become cream mini's. However, now Batwing foals become Batwing Horses, and Nightmare calves become nightmare cows.

Calf Transforms to Neighbor's Reward
Holstein Cow-icon
Holstein Cow
Holstein Calf-icon
Holstein Calf
Brown Calf-icon
Brown Calf
Longhorn Calf-icon
Longhorn Calf

Simmental Calf-icon
Simmental Calf

Neapolitan Calf-icon
Neapolitan Calf
Groovy Calf-icon
Groovy Calf
Chocolate Calf-icon
Chocolate Calf
Belted Calf-icon
Belted Calf
Kelly Green Calf-icon
Kelly Green Calf
Red Calf-icon
Red Calf
Tuscan Calf-icon
Tuscan Calf
Pink Calf-icon
Pink Calf
Chocolate Cow-icon
Chocolate Cow
Chocolate Calf-icon
Chocolate Calf
Pink Patch Calf-icon
Pink Patch Calf
Fan Calf-icon
Fan Calf
Green Calf-icon
Green Calf
English Calf-icon
English Calf
English Cow-icon
English Cow
English Calf-icon
English Calf
Purple Pony Foal-icon
Purple Pony Foal
Light Blue Pony-icon
Light Blue Pony
Blue Pony Foal-icon
Blue Pony Foal
Brown Pony Foal-icon
Brown Pony Foal
Pink Pony Foal-icon
Pink Pony Foal
Blue Pony Foal-icon
Blue Pony Foal
Silver Foal-icon
Silver Pony Foal
Black Pony Foal-icon
Black Pony Foal
Reitpony Foal-icon
Reitpony Foal
Appaloosa Foal-icon
Appaloosa Foal
Black Horse-icon
Black Horse
Black Foal-icon
Black Foal
Brown Foal-icon
Brown Foal
Grey Foal-icon
Grey Foal
Haflinger Foal-icon
Haflinger Foal
Pinto Foal-icon
Pinto Foal
White Foal-icon
White Foal
Black Foal-icon
Black Foal
Breton Foal-icon
Breton Foal
Mustang Foal-icon
Mustang Foal
Morgan Foal-icon
Morgan Foal
Autumn Foal-icon
Autumn Foal
Black Stallion Foal-icon
Black Stallion Foal
Clydesdale Foal-icon
Clydesdale Foal
Cream Draft Horse-icon
Cream Draft Horse
Cream Draft Foal-icon
Cream Draft Foal
Percheron Foal-icon
Percheron Foal
Cream Draft Foal-icon
Cream Draft Foal
Miniature Foal-icon
Miniature Foal
Cream Mini Horse-icon
Cream Mini Horse
Cream Mini Foal-icon
Cream Mini Foal
Cream Mini Foal-icon
Cream Mini Foal
Mini Appaloosa Foal-icon
Mini Appaloosa Foal
Stallion Mini Foal-icon
Stallion Mini Foal

Other transformations Edit

Foals that grow up in their parents: Summer Foal, Mini Apaloosa Foal, Green Saddle Mini Foal, Mini Rose Foal, Cocoa Foal, Lunar New Year Foal, Smitten Foal, Smitten Pony Foal, Batwing Foal, Quarter Foal, Cream Draft Foal, Cream Mini Foal, Blue Pony Foal, Black Foal

Calves that grow up in their parents: Cool Calf, Groom Bull Calf, Mongolian Calf, Yakow Calf, Carabao Calf, Diving Bell Calf, African Calf, Bovonia Calf, Nightmare Calf, Aurochs Calf, Cocoa Calf, Dairy Calf, Ankole Watusie Calf, Fall Fairy Calf, Lunar New Year Calf, Milky Calf, Holstein Calf, Chocolate Calf

Foal/Calf Transforms to Neighbor's reward
Batwing Foal-icon
Batwing Foal
Batwing Horse-icon
Batwing Horse
Batwing Foal-icon
Batwing Foal
Quarter Pony Foal-icon
Quarter Pony Foal
Quarter Pony-icon
Quarter Pony
Quarter Pony Foal-icon
Quarter Pony Foal

Nightmare Calf-icon
Nightmare Calf

Nightmare Cow-icon
Nightmare Cow
Nightmare Calf-icon
Nightmare Calf

Fall Fairy Calf-icon
Fall Fairy Calf

Fall Fairy Cow-icon
Fall Fairy Cow
Fall Fairy Calf-icon
Fall Fairy Calf

Smitten Calf-icon
Smitten Calf

Smitten Cow-icon
Smitten Cow
Smitten Calf-icon
Smitten Calf

Smitten Foal-icon
Smitten Foal

Smitten Stallion-icon
Smitten Stallion
Smitten Foal-icon
Smitten Foal

Cocoa Calf-icon
Cocoa Calf

Cocoa Cow-icon
Cocoa Cow
Cocoa Calf-icon
Cocoa Calf

Cocoa Foal-icon
Cocoa Foal

Cocoa Horse-icon
Cocoa Horse
Cocoa Foal-icon
Cocoa Foal

Lunar New Year Calf-icon
Lunar New Year Calf

Lunar New Year Cow-icon
Lunar New Year Cow
Lunar New Year Calf-icon
Lunar New Year Calf

Lunar New Year Foal-icon
Lunar New Year Foal

Lunar New Year Horse-icon
Lunar New Year Horse
Lunar New Year Foal-icon
Lunar New Year Foal

Profitability Edit

The primary appeal of the Nursery Barn might not be its profitability. The Chicken Coop, Dairy Farm and Horse Stable all make chickens, cows and horses more profitable by making more room for more crops, animals, and trees. In addition, the Horses in the Horse Stable can be harvested every day instead of every three days, and there is the chance of finding Mystery Eggs, calves, or other bonuses during harvest. The Nursery Barn makes it easier to harvest coins from calves and foals, and there is a chance of finding an adult, but because the adult versions of the animal sometimes earn much fewer coins per day, it is not always profitable to place the juveniles in the barn.

The following table serves as a comparison of the nursery barn to the other animal storage buildings in Farmville.

Building Capacity Harvest Reward Total Harvest Reward per Building
Dairy Farm 40 Level 2 Cows Coin-icon 12 coins per Animal Coin-icon 480 coins coins per day
Chicken Coop 60 Level 2 Chicken Coin-icon 16 coins coins per Animal Coin-icon 960 coins per day
Nursery Barn 40 Level 1 Juveniles Coin-icon 80 coins per Animal Coin-icon 3,200 coins per day
Horse Stable 40 Level 1 Horses Coin-icon 84 coins per Animal Coin-icon 3,360 coins per day

Of course, the Chicken Coop and the Dairy Barn are capable of earning a great deal more coins if higher level chickens and cows are placed inside of them.

The Nursery Barn occupies 63 squares on the farm (7x9=63), but it only holds 40 animals. Foals and calves both produce 80 coins per day, but because most foals occupy four squares and calves occupy one square, calves produce 80 coins per square per day and foals produce 20 coins per square per day (80/4=20). Twenty calves would only occupy 20 squares on the farm, but 20 foals would occupy 80 squares (4x20=80), so from a land use perspective, the Nursery Barn is only profitable if it holds at least sixteen foals (63/4=15.75).

However, the Nursery Barn also transforms the calves and foals into cows and horses. Generally, cows and horses produce fewer coins per day than calves and foals, so you often end up with a less profitable animal.

All foals (80 coins per day) transform into a Black Horse, a Cream Draft Horse or a Light Blue Pony . The horses and pony earn 21 coins per day outside the stable, but they earn 84 coins per day inside the stable, so if you have plenty of room in your stable, it is profitable to transform your foals to horses. Also, since you get to keep your adult horses and ponies, it was fun to try to fill your stable with Black Horses, Cream Draft Horses or Light Blue Ponies because then you can start producing Black Foals, Cream Draft Foals , and Blue Pony Foals for your neighbors.

All calves (80 coins per day) transform into Holstein Cows (12 coins per day) or Chocolate Cows (80 coins per day). The Holstein Cows earn much less than the calves. Although the Chocolate Cows appear to earn just as much as the calves, they occupy four squares on the farm, so they only earn 20 coins per day per square. This is not an issue if you have room in your dairy farm or cow pasture for your new Chocolate Cows.

The following table is meant as an abbreviated supplement to the illustrated table on this page, dividing the calves into two lists: one list of calves will transform into a Holstein Cow. The other list of calves will transform into a Chocolate Cow.

These calves will transform into Holstein Cows and earn only 12 coins per day. These calves will transform into Chocolate Cows and earn 80 coins per day.
Calf Pink Calf
Brown Calf Pink Patch Calf
Holstein Calf Fan Calf
Longhorn Calf Green Calf
Belted Calf Kelly Green Calf
Groovy Calf Neapolitan Calf
Chocolate Calf

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