To earn the Not Spoiled, Gifted! Ribbon, Farmers must have a number of different gifts in their gift box at one time. Note that they must be unique, and that the gift box is full at a total of 200 gifts. Gifts can be received from neighbors or as a reward from earning ribbons or gaining levels.


If you have 5 horses, 2 Farmhands and 1 Granny Smith Apple Tree, you will have only 3 gifts. (One from each.)

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Color Coins Experience Item
Gifts inbox yellow 1,000 10 Hay Bale
Gifts inbox white 2,500 20 Barrel
Gifts inbox red 5,000 50 Crate
Gifts inbox blue 10,000 100 Wood Pile

Exceptions Edit

Sadly, not all gifts count towards your total:

Special deliveries,

All collection items,

Fertilize all,



Wooden Boards,

The above items DO NOT count towards your total "unique gift" count.

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