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The North vs South America is a voting building in FarmVille. The North vs South America can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on July 12, 2017. It had 12 questions. Each answer had 2 options and you needed help from at least 6 friends at same answer to be able to redeem some reward. Also each reward can be bought for Cash-icon  cash without any friend votes.

Stages Edit

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
More Left Answers More Right Answers
North vs South America 1-icon North vs South America 2-icon

Questions Edit

Question 1 Edit

Yellow PawPaw Tree-icon Gulupa Tree-icon
Yellow PawPaw Tree Gulupa Tree

Question 2 Edit

Spotted Juneberry Tree-icon Heterogeneous Fruit Tree-icon
Spotted Juneberry Tree Heterogeneous Fruit Tree

Question 3 Edit

Carriage of the West-icon Forest Wanderer Jeep-icon
Carriage of the West Forest Wanderer Jeep

Question 4 Edit

Cowboy Bulldog-icon Champion Fighter Dog-icon
Cowboy Bulldog Champion Fighter Dog

Question 5 Edit

Carnival Steampunk Cat-icon South American Tribe Cat-icon
Carnival Steampunk Cat South American Tribe Cat

Question 6 Edit

Water Tank of the West-icon Jungle Scout Tower-icon
Water Tank of the West Jungle Scout Tower

Question 7 Edit

Patty Flipping Gnome-icon Slicing Cevice Gnome-icon
Patty Flipping Gnome Slicing Cevice Gnome

Question 8 Edit

Ring Leader Penguin-icon Waura Tribe Penguin-icon
Ring Leader Penguin Waura Tribe Penguin

Question 9 Edit

Dapper Cowboy Duck-icon Rain Dance Duck-icon
Dapper Cowboy Duck Rain Dance Duck

Question 10 Edit

Carnival Jester Chicken-icon Rio Carnival Chicken-icon
Carnival Jester Chicken Rio Carnival Chicken

Question 11 Edit

American Disco Cow-icon Latin American Dancer Cow-icon
American Disco Cow Latin American Dancer Cow

Question 12 Edit

Dashing Cowboy Pegacorn-icon Magnificent Warrior Pegacorn-icon
Dashing Cowboy Pegacorn Magnificent Warrior Pegacorn

Final Reward Edit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.

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