Nicks Running for Mayor Challenges
Nicks Running for Mayor Challenges-icon

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Farm: all
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First Available: unknown
Last Available: unknown
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The Nicks Running for Mayor Challenges is set of 12 challenges that have different duration and difficulty. It works same like Halloween Escapade, Master Lu Challenges and Master Motto Challenges. They are specific for Mistletoe Lane (farm).

Stage 1Edit

Winter Groundhog-icon

Stage 2Edit

Holiday Town Well-icon

Stage 3Edit

Mystery Game Dart-icon
  • Requirements: Get 8 Pitch Pamphlets, Get 8 Sign Paint & Get 8 Campaign Stickers
  • Start date: November 11th, 2012
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Reward: Mystery Game Dart

Stage 4Edit

Holiday Card Tree-icon

Stage 5Edit

Snowman Quartet-icon

Stage 6Edit

Snowy Owl Roost-icon

Stage 7Edit

3 Pack of Turbo Chargers-icon

Stage 8Edit

Polar Bear Costume-icon

Stage 9Edit

White Husky Pup-icon

Stage 10Edit

Silver Poinsettia Full Bloom-icon

Stage 11Edit

Elf Hut-icon

Stage 12Edit

Floating Sleigh-icon
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