The New Year Party Barn is a constructible, limited edition, building in FarmVille.

Once the New Year's Ball is on the farm you can click on it, then select “Look Inside” to see this window:

Inside of a New Year's Ball

New Year's Ball comes with one brick. It requires 8 each of Bricks, Nails, and Wooden Boards to be completed.

When it is on its finally stage it will glow up.


Happy New Year-icon

The subject of this article or section is part of the New Year Event (2011), an Event that lasted from December 23rd, 2010 to January 17th, 2011. Once the event has run its course, this will no longer be available.

Happy New Year-icon
It was released on December 23, 2010 as part of the New Year Event (2011). It was available in the market until January 03, 2011.

Once the players access their farm, they were immediately entered into Placement Mode. The New Year's Ball could be placed on the farm then, or the player could choose to place it in the Gift Box for use later.

If player wind up selling their New Year's Ball for some reason, they can purchase a new one in the Market for 5,000 coins.

On its release, the New Year's ball received many issues including not being able to send invites to your FarmVille neighbors. Currently this has not received any workaround. However, the other issue, which doesn't allow you to "Go to Party!" and receive the pop-up box, has a possible workaround. Simply store your New Year's Ball in your Storage Cellar for 1 day. Afterwards, place it somewhere else in your barn, not in where you previously placed it. Your Ball will be working then! Note: This does not work for all farmers.

Construction Edit

Brick Nail Wooden Board
Wooden Board-icon
8 needed 8 needed 8 needed

Building Stages Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Completed
New Year's Ball1-icon New Year's Ball2-icon New Year's Ball3-icon New Year's Ball4-icon New Year's Ball5-icon

Party with Guests Edit

In order to have a party in your Party Barn, friends need to be invited. As friends accept the party invitation, the host unlocks special rewards from the table shown below.

New Year's Party Window

Rewards Edit

5 Guests 10 Guests 20 Guests 20 Guests 40 Guests
Fireworks Finale-icon Balloons (crop)-icon Party Dress-icon Party Tuxedo-icon Disco Pony-icon
Fireworks Finale Balloons Crop Party Dress Party Tuxedo Disco Pony

New Year's Party Rewards

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